Intimate pictures of Edison Chen and 16-year-old student exposedYou’d think that after the incident of the nude photo scandal in 2008, Edison Chen would have learnt how to keep his penchant for barely-legal girls and womanising on the down-low – read: not documenting them in photos.

But just on Tuesday, the Hong Kong pop star admitted to being romantically linked to 16-year-old student, Cammi Tse, after pictures of them canoodling in very little clothes were circulated all over the internet.

As if that wasn’t incriminating enough, a Hong Kong celebrity news website wrote that “Edison frequently invited Cammi to his house, requesting her to model for him in maid-inspired lingerie and her school uniform to satisfy his fetish.”

Chen was quick to distance himself from Tse though, as his manager issued a statement saying that he met Tse six months after he broke up with his previous girlfriend, Vincy Yeung, and was hoping to see where this romance would take him.

“Our relationship had only just started and this incident happened. I do not have anything to say in response to it and can only tell you that at this moment, I have resumed my single status! Thank you everyone for your concern!”, he said in his statement, according to reports.

Intimate pictures of Edison Chen and 16-year-old student exposedAs testament to Tse’s youth, the 16-year-old gave a confused reply to questions of whether she had initiated the break-up, “I don’t know! It’s not that one person asked for a break up, but we both knew it happened. We broke up on good terms.”

When asked by Hong Kong reporters on whether she had taken intimate photos with Chen, Tse denied the fact; contradicting the very photos that started this scandal. Asked whether she had a sexual relationship with Chen, Tse said, “No!”

Her manager said that Tse had lost her mobile phone earlier and that the photos could have been leaked as a result. A reporter asked Tse if the couple had taken the photos willingly, but was replied with, “I do not know how to answer, but I am already 16 years old!”

The administrators at Tse’s school were concerned about the situation, but allowed her to continue attending school.

Tse would not say if they had sex or whether she was 16 when the photos were taken.

Images: Orientdaily