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Food can lead to better sex, but how about items that you can buy in supermarkets? Here are six common items you can use in foreplay to raise temperatures in the bedroom.


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A word of caution: Never insert food into your vagina as this can disturb its natural environment, says Dr Ng, a gynaecologist. Sugary foods encourage bacteria and yeast to grow, leading to vaginal infections. Repeated infections can decrease your fertility. Try having him nibble off your chest, inner arms, inner thighs and neck instead.

If you suspect something’s not right down south, hightail it to a gynae. Dr Ng says danger signs include itching, fishy odours, painful urination and thick, whitish-grey or yellow-green discharge.

Olive oil


“It’s great for massage,” said Dr. Lee. But oils, including oil-based lubricants, can reduce the strength of latex condoms, says the group technical director of a condom maker. 

Chocolate-flavoured specialty sauces


These formulas are sometimes hypoallergenic, so they’ll minimise allergic reactions on sensitive skin. 

Bite-sized chocolates


Feed them to each other. They’re fuss-free, practical and won’t mess up the sheets, what’s not to like?

Sensual massage oils 



Some give a “warming” sensation and can double as a lubricant. Others are water-based, meaning they’re condom-friendly, that is they won’t erode rubbers. 

Breath mints



These don’t lubricate but do give a pleasantly cool sensation. Place one (or more) in your mouth while you’re going down on him. To avoid choking, don’t pop more than four or five sweets.

Ice cubes


So easily found in the fridge, slowly trail down his spine for a tingling sensation and go down on him gently.

This story first appeared on Herworld September 2011 issue.