How many people have you indirectly had sex with?A new online calculator tabulates how many people you have indirectly had sex with based on the number of your actual sexual encounters.

Lloydspharmacy in the UK createdthe Sex Degrees of Separation Calculator to highlight the dangers of unprotected sex.

A 30-year-old woman, for example, who has had seven male sexual partners roughly the same age has come into sexual contact with 3,828,759 people. To calculate your number, input your age, gender, and number of sexual partners, as well as the age and gender of each sexual partner.

According to the Daily Mail, “the calculator helps to explain why sexually transmitted infection rates are on the rise at a time when the average man claims to have had nine sexual partners while the average woman admits to having had 6.3 lovers.”

The Health Protection Agency’s latest figures show that rates of sexually transmitted diseases are highest in young adults aged 15-24 years old, accounting for 57 percent of all new gonorrhea diagnoses and 56 percent of all new genital warts diagnoses, according to the report.