It’s as elusive as the Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster but many women swear that it exists. Your G-Spot is your route to an orgasm like no other and here’s your personal guide to pleasure.

How to find your G-Spot for better sex DECOR

It’s basically an erogenous zone inside the wall of your vagina that leads to a heck of a lot of pleasure because it’s extremely sensitive. When it’s stimulated, it gets you to the finish line a lot quicker than just penetrative sex. But the orgasms you get via your G-spot are more intense than by just stimulating your clitoris, which is why many women seek to find it.

Your G-spot is located inside the front wall of your vagina or, more precisely, between your pubic bone and the front of your cervix. It’s about two inches into the opening at the front of your vagina, which is the part that’s closer to your stomach, not your back. While the jury’s still out on the size of the G-spot, it is said to range somewhere between a quarter of an inch to a couple of inches.

Because it’s just an inch or two past the opening of your vagina, it’s within easy reach for you to experiment. But before you do this, it’s important to get in the mood as you need to be aroused for your G-spot to swell and, thus, easy to find. This is because, when you’re turned on, more blood rushes to your pelvic region. So lie back, spread your legs and bend your knees – this position makes your vagina more open and accessible.

Once you’re in the mood, insert two or three fingers (make sure they’re lubricated so you feel more comfortable) about two inches inside you, with your palm facing upwards. Feel around for the bit that feels rough and, when you find it, stroke the area using a fair amount of pressure. A rhythmic, circular motion is advised, for best results. Or move your fingers as if making the ‘come here’ motion. Even if it doesn’t result in an earth-shattering orgasm, it’s good for you to explore your body so go ahead and practice as much as you want to.

To make this discovery more fun, involve your man in the search, by getting him to use his fingers instead. This also has the added bonus of him being there stimulating you in other ways while he looks for it, so that you get more aroused and it’s easier for him to get to it. If he needs a little help, put a few pillows under your bum and spread your legs wider so that he has better access to your vagina. 

For the best G-spot stimulation during sex, get on top. This puts you in control so you’ll be able to angle his penis the way you want it, and also move it around until you, erm, hit the spot. And get him to tilt his pelvis too, so that it’s easier for him to reach your G-spot.

An improvised missionary position is possible too, lie on your back and put a few pillows under your bum. Make sure your knees are bent and rest your feet flat on the bed or ground. Get your man to sit up so that when he’s inside you, it’s at a slightly upward angle, which will stimulate your G-spot.

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