Sex is not just a good way to connect with your man and improve your mood, it can be a great workout too. And you don’t even have to schedule a marathon session for this, here are four positions that will burn some calories while you bump and grind.


Having sex while standing can be a challenge – gravity’s not going to help you here after all – and that’s why it makes you burn more calories. Your core and leg muscles benefit the most from standing sex and you’ll need a lot of stamina to get to the finish line too. Whether you wrap one or both (you’ll burn more this way) legs around your man’s waist, your leg and bottom muscles get a good workout while you burn some fat too.

Woman On Top

Also known as the ‘cowgirl’ position, this puts you in charge and you can also decide how long you want to keep going for – a long calorie-busting session or just a quick workout. As the one in control and thus doing more of the work, you’ll burn more calories than your man. And, as you pick up the speed, it turns into a great cardio workout too. Your calf and pelvic muscles will thank you for it too.

The Wheelbarrow

Place your palms on the floor, facing away from your man and get him to stand behind you. Let him lift your lower body from your thighs and enter you. His leg muscles will work overtime while supporting you and your arms will be strengthened in this position. You could burn up to 100 calories with the wheelbarrow so make like a wheel and get moving.

The Shoulder

Lie flat on your back and get your man to kneel in front of you. Lift your buttocks and thighs as far as you can and place your legs on his shoulders. Support your back with your hands or hold onto his thighs. Not only do your bum muscles get a good workout, your abs, arms and legs will be in better shape too. Plus, you’re practically guaranteed a mind-blowing orgasm with this position so it’s a win-win, really.