Matthew McConaughey
These might be times of recession but thanks to high-maintenance men, the beauty industry is bucking the economic trend.

According to research, the men’s grooming market is experiencing a staggering boom in profits – with male skincare counting for a major slice of the action.

And to top it all off, a recent poll found that 34 per cent of men use their partners’ beauty products, with six per cent using them as frequently as their other half.

Blokes are also spending much longer getting ready, with 25 per cent taking the same amount time preening themselves in the bathroom as their partner, or even longer.

“The results are in line with the trend towards metrosexual grooming habits that we have seen in recent years,” said Rakesh Aggarwal, founder of beauty retailer Escentual which conducted the poll.

“Men are definitely more aware of how to look after their skin and appearance than they were even five years ago.

“Women aren’t the only ones that want to copy their favourite celebrities – with men like Matthew McConaughey, Josh Hartnett and Justin Timberlake having fronted male beauty campaigns, men are feeling the pressure to look groomed and it is now acceptable to admit to making an effort to look good,” he added.

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L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturising Lotion

L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturising Lotion

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Nivea For Men Rehydrating Moisturiser

Nivea For Men Rehydrating Moisturiser

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Simple For Men Hydrating Daily Moisturiser

Simple For Men Hydrating Daily Moisturiser

Fragrance and colour-free, this light and non-greasy formula is ideal for sensitive skin. © Cover Media