It’s a pretty divisive issue among women – men with facial hair. Sexy on say, Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal (who’s been sporting the look for a long time now) but executed amatuerishly, and it could veer into a serial killer-you-meet-on-a-dark-expressway look (think Shia Lebouf in his recent appearances) or worse, porn ‘stache territory.

But no matter which side you take, now there’s a good reason to allow your man’s ‘stache to run free in support of a worthy cause.

Movember 2012 is back again to encourage men in Singapore to put down the razors and grow a moustache to start a national conversation about men’s health issues like prostate cancer which claimed 12,000 lives in 2006 to 2010.

The ‘mo movement, which has seen over 1.9 million moustaches being grown to help raise more than $281 million since the campaign started in 2003, is supported by the Singapore Cancer Society and will include educational events for men to understand what kind of health risks they face.

So, send the link to your man and all the other men in your life to the Movember website so they can register, find sponsors, and start with a freshly-shaven face at the start of November at participating barber shops. Get the men in your company involved and you can even get a barber to come over and do a mass shaving exercise. Then watch, donate and (and maybe chip in during the grooming process) as he grows the moustache; check out some of the options below:

Movember 2012 Singapore Style_Guide

And hey, it’d be the perfect time to try all the different ‘staches depicted in this style guide – The Trucker, anyone?

Register for Movember 2012 at