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We’ve had “guylashes” and “male polish,” but now terms such as a “boyzilian,” “brozilian” and “he-wax” have entered our lexicon, following a recent report highlighting the increasing trend for male Brazilian waxes.

A report published in the New York Times last week revealed some interesting statistics relating to male waxing in the Big Apple; for example 70 percent of weekly business at Manhattan salon Face to Face comes from men’s bikini waxing.

Meanwhile, the trend has also been emerging on the other side of the Atlantic for some time, with a subsequent article in The Daily Mail explaining London’s exclusive gentlemen-only spa The Refinery has been helping males stay smooth down below for several years.

“Here, it’s known as ‘intimate waxing,’ the company’s general manager Deborah Gayle told the publication, highlighting the problem of what to call the treatment.

“But we also call the treatments by different names in case gentlemen get embarrassed asking for their preference on the telephone.”

A quick glance on their site shows that the “Galaxy” will remove fuzz from the crack, buttocks, testicles and bikini, while the “Saturn” removes pubic hair from the testicles and base of penis.

More generally, the issue of male grooming vocabulary has been something at the forefront of this week’s In-cosmetics beauty fair in Barcelona, with the event’s director Lucy Gillam telling Relaxnews men require a “different beauty vocabulary they can relate to” when it comes to other areas such as anti-ageing products because they want to maintain their “ruggedness” without “beautifying.”

A similar such attitude seems to have appeared with male waxing, with Gayle adding to The Daily Mail that men depilate to enhance their masculinity.

“Clients tell me that it makes them feel more masculine. I think that means it makes them look better endowed,” she mused. –AFP RELAXNEWS