George Clooney disappointed by grey hairGeorge Clooney is “surprised” by how grey his beard is.

The handsome actor has grown some impressive facial hair for his role in The Monuments Men, which he is also directing and co-wrote.

However, the 51-year-old is disappointed about the colour his hair is turning.

“I was a little surprised how grey it was when it came out,” he laughed to E! Online.

“It came out and it’s grey! You’re like, ‘What the hell happened? I was young once but now I’m old.'”

The star has been dating 33-year-old Stacy Keibler since July 2011.

Despite their age difference, the pretty blonde is enamoured with George’s greying facial hair.

“I love it,” she gushed.

The Hollywood star looked dapper at the Academy Awards, clad in a black Giorgio Armani tuxedo.

As he’s got older, George has become happy with recycling his favourite suit throughout the awards season.

“It’s easy! Sometimes you wear holes in them so you have to get a new one but it’s basically the same thing,” he explained to Us Weekly.

“I am 51 years old. You don’t want to get all crazy with your tuxes. Just get something nice and standard.”

The gorgeous A-lister is pretty low maintenance in general, taking only a few minutes to get ready for a big event.

Shortly before the Oscars, George played some basketball and Stacy was amazed at his quick transformation after the game.

“I mean, he literally walked by me sweaty and in five minutes walked by the other way in a tux and looked dapper!” she marvelled.

“He always looks good and he is always pretty consistent.”