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1. Hands-free stimulation

Do you and the Hubs like to use vibrators during sex? The problem with many sex toys is that they are cumbersome and can be distracting. The Eva is different in that it is hands-free, yet gives you clitoral stimulation while making love – even when you are in an adventurous position.

Made of medical-grade silicone, the little device has flexible “wings” that keep it comfortably in place under your labia. The powerful three-speed motor stimulates your pleasure zone, leaving your hands free to do whatever they need to do. US$105 (S$145), available at

2. Go deep

In the Pirate’s Bounty sex position, you start by lying on your back. Your man faces you, kneeling in between your legs, with his legs spread apart. As he enters, slowly raise one of your legs so that your toes point towards the ceiling. Your husband can then rest that leg on his shoulder and put his arm around it.

Vanessa says the position is easy to get into but creates a deeper angle of impact. It’s also easy for the woman to get the clitoral stimulation she needs to reach orgasm.


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3. Underwater pleasure

Make a bath together more fun with this discreet Bubble Love sex toy. Described as a personal pleasure jet, it delivers thousands of tiny pulsating bubbles to stimulate you and your husband’s erogenous zones.

The submersible device is easy to use and designed to work for up to one hour when fully charged. Simply fill your bathtub, switch on the device, and aim the jet at wherever needs a sexy massage. It’s a great little extra to pack on a romantic weekend getaway. US$149.95, available at

4. Your wish is my command

Add variety to your lovemaking with this Bedroom Commands card game by Kheper Games. It consists of two decks of cards – one for you and one for him, offering funny, fun and sexy commands for when either of you feels like taking charge. US$7.99, available at


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5. Small and discreet

This is great for nights when you want to be extra careful about waking up the kids – it’s whisper-quiet. The Duet vibrator by Crave offers four vibration modes and four power levels, so you and your man can have fun discovering ideal combinations. It’s also waterproof and recharges in any standard USB port. From US$149, available at

6. Make it last

Help Hubby perform better – and last longer – with Kama Sutra’s Pleasure Balm Prolonging Gel. The product, which provides a mild tingling sensation and has a desensitising effect on the penis, has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

It’s said to help increase sexual stamina and performance. Apply a small amount of the minty gel to the head and shaft of the penis five to 10 minutes before intercourse. Wipe off any gel before you start to get intimate and wash it off completely when you’re done. US$19.99, available at


This story was originally published in the May 2016 issue of Simply Her.