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Rule of thumb? A high forehead, wide nose, and strong jaw could indicate he’s a great catch, says Jo Ching, founder and principal trainer of Destiny Asia Global Consultancy. You may be a skeptic about face-reading, but Jo points out that it’s been well-documented across Chinese history. But whether you believe in it or not, there’s no harm getting a leg up in figuring out if the man you’ve met on Tinder and been on two dates is could be worth your time. 

Look at his: Forehead

Alexander Skarsgaard’s got that high and broad forehead to indicate success
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This tells you how far he’s going to go, career-wise. That’s because the type of forehead you have indicates your analytical skills and memory, says Jo. “A high and broad forehead (where you can fit at least three fingers between the eyebrows and hairline) suggests that he can climb the corporate ladder,” he adds.  

It doesn’t mean people with shorter foreheads are duds – all it implies is that they won’t excel at playing the corporate game. “They tend to be too direct and aren’t great at humouring their superiors, so they do better in creative industries like entertainment,” Jo says, adding that celebs like Aaron Kwok and Simon Cowell totally fit the bill.

Look at his: Eyes

That twinkle in Robert Downey Jr’s eyes, though.
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“People with lively eyes are able to nab opportunities that come their way,” says Jo. Heads up: if he’s got crow’s feet in the corner of his eyes, this is a man who is charming, charismatic and likely to be a hit with the ladies. Silver fox George Clooney is an example.

Another thing to note – the eyebrows. If they extend past his eyes, your man is likely to be sentimental and driven by emotions. Those with shorter and sparse brows tend to be more rational and make decisions based on what their head tells them, not their heart.  

Look at his: Mouth and Chin

A broad smile like Michael B Jordan’s? Yes please.
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Bonus points for a strong, Clark Kent-esque jawline – it means you’ve got a man who’s determined and has the stamina to see things through, whether at work or his personal life. He’s a good people manager, and is well-respected by his peers and subordinates.  However, if his jaw is so broad such that you can see his jawline from the back, they tend to bear grudges easily. Stay clear of offending them, advises Jo. 

A wider mouth (where his lips extend past the pupils of his eyes) indicates a man who’s adaptable and responsive to change. Those with smaller mouths tend to be more conservative and cautious.

Look at his: Nose

Jackie Chan’s signature nose bodes well for luck.
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In this case, big is better. “The nose is your money palace,” says Jo. “A fleshy nose (a little bulbous, and not sharp) indicates wealth”. Also, pay attention to the nose bridge. A flatter nose with a lower bridge means your man will be more accommodating. On the other hand, a very high nose bridge suggests a man who is too self-centred or self-righteous.

Confused? Here’s a quick way to tell whether you should swipe right

Does he have a: Sportive face

What it is:  Lean, toned and angular.

What it tells you: He’s always on the go, prides himself on his performance at work, and is good at managing people. He’s also likely to be impulsive, and will drop everything to help a friend in need.

Does he have a: Nutritive face

What it is: Round, with little definition.

What it tells you: He probably excels at dealing with finances, and coming up with money-spinning ideas. He’s also very social and enjoys the finer things in life.

Does he have an: Emotive face

What it is: A wide forehead that tapers into a sharp, delicate chin

What it tells you: People with this face shape are emotional and creative. This is more likely to occur in women than in men.


This story was first published in the May 2018 issue of Her World magazine.