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Just because this is an easy sex position, it doesn’t mean you should just lie back and relax. You want to move in such a way as to allow your clitoris to have better contact.

Vanessa Marin, a sex and relationship therapist at the United States-based Vanessa Marin Sex Therapy says that strong core, butt (gluteal) and thigh muscles can help you create a good rhythm. If you like to lift your legs over his shoulders, you also need to be quite flexible.

Areas to strengthen Core muscles and thighs.

Try this! Planking is great for conditioning the core, which is made up of the abdominal and lower back muscles. To work your gluteal and thigh muscles, try squats, lunges and leg lifts.


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Balance is important in the woman-ontop position, as this helps you maintain a steady rhythm. Whether you prefer to kneel or squat, you need toned thighs and hips. If you prefer leaning back on your hands while straddling him, a strong core and arm muscles are needed to support your body.

Areas to strengthen Core muscles, thighs and arms.

Try this! Planking works your core, while squats and lunges help with leg strength. To get toned and stronger arms, try swimming, boxing or push-ups.

It takes considerable energy to enjoy this position, so work on your overall fi tness too – get in some cardiovascular exercise, like power-walking, running, dancing or cycling.


This position is similar to the cowgirl except that you have your back to your husband. And like the cowgirl position, it requires flexibility, not to mention a strong core, arm and thigh muscles.

In this position, your aim is to keep your balance while straddling your husband. For a more pleasurable experience, you need to control how you move, as well as the speed of your movements.

Areas to strengthen Core muscles, thighs and arms.

Try this! Stretching improves your fl exibility. Certain yoga poses, like the pelvic tilt, pigeon pose, standing forward bend, downward-facing dog and sun salutations are great ways to loosen tight muscles. Also try lunges, crunches, planking and push-ups to strengthen your legs, core and arms respectively.


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Your arms, in particular your biceps, triceps and forearms, need to be in excellent shape as you are placing your body weight on them, says Vanessa. It is also important to have strong knees for this position.

Areas to strengthen Arms and knees.

Try this! Swimming, push-ups and weight training can strengthen and fi rm your arms. To improve knee strength, do double calf stretches, lunges and squats, or get on the step mill at the gym.


This side position looks uncomplicated, but it takes some effort to pull your man in deeper and push back against him, Vanessa points out. If you like to prop yourself up on your elbow, then you need strong arms too.

Areas to strengthen Core, oblique and arm muscles.

Try this! Side planks are effective at working your core and oblique muscles. To toughen up your arms, try bicep curls, push-ups, chin-ups and boxing.


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This advanced sex position, which involves bending over backwards so that the front of your body faces the ceiling, really works your thighs and calves, says Vanessa. You need flexible hips in order to maintain the wide-legged stance, as well as strong arms to hold yourself up, and plenty of stamina to keep going.

Areas to strengthen Arms, thighs and calves.

Try this! Like the other positions that require strong arms, you can do push-ups, bicep curls and chin-ups. Boxing and swimming are also great arm-strengthening workouts. Lunges and squats are good for working your thighs, while you can work your calf muscles with single-leg calf raises while standing or sitting. You can also do calf-building sports like running, walking and hiking, and step and dance classes.

“It worked for me!”

Mary-Anne*, 38, a sales manager, shares how exercise helped make for hotter sex with Hubby.

“Certain sex positions used to tire me out and leave my muscles super sore. And I never attempted advanced positions with my husband for fear that I wouldn’t be able to do them.

“My favourite position is woman-on-top, but I used to have to pause midway to catch my breath or because my leg muscles cramped up and hurt. Stopping in the middle of sex affected my ability to climax and made sex awkward at times.

“Since trying these exercises, I’ve noticed a difference in my stamina and muscle strength. I’m more flexible and have a stronger core, arm and leg muscles – I even managed to do the bridge position the other day without much difficulty. Sex is more enjoyable now and my husband loves that I don’t have to pause in the middle of it anymore.”


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This story was originally published in the April 2016 issue of Simply Her.