Ethan Hawke proud of imperfect smileEthan Hawke will never get his teeth fixed as he doesn’t want to look like one of the “pod people”.

The actor is proud he doesn’t have a perfect smile as he thinks it makes him an individual. Ethan can vividly remember when he vowed never to do anything to change his appearance.

“I watched the Oscars on TV a few years ago, and they all looked like they were pod people. They looked so fake. And then crazy Sean Penn got on stage, and I thought to myself, ‘There’s a human being.’ And people wonder why his heart is so beautiful and so transcending – because he’s not afraid to be a human being. And I thought, I’m not going to fix my teeth,” he told British newspaper The Telegraph.

“We don’t talk about how Mother Teresa would have been better if she could have lost 15lbs., because she was a woman of God.”

Ethan has a son called Levon and daughter Maya with his wife Uma Thurman and two daughters called Clementine Jane and Indiana with his spouse Ryan.

He worries about his daughters, especially when it comes to body issues. He recalls taking Maya to see Adele perform, when he realised what a good role model she is.

“As the father of a 14-year-old, I want to kiss Adele. Everybody else is starving to lose another 25lbs. and it’s just terrible if all we see in that world is people we don’t recognise from our real world,” he said.