ed westwickEd Westwick faced a fashion dilemma when he realised his suits weren’t “tailored” for his new movie.

The British actor is best known for his dapper style as Chuck Bass on hit series Gossip Girl, and regularly appears looking just as charming off screen.

Ed plays Agent Smith in upcoming movie J.Edgar, and was initially unhappy when he learned that his on-screen wardrobe lacked form-fitting attire.

“For the first time, I wasn’t used to suits being completely tailored,” he told People. “That’s what I’m used to wearing… it was very different. I was like, ‘Hang on a minute. Are we sure?’

“But I guess, no, that’s the right thing. It was an interesting experience.”

Ed’s co-star Lea Thompson has gushed about her wardrobe. The actress plays Lela E. Rogers, the mother of movie legend Ginger in the movie.

She was thrilled with her silky attire.

“They were very sexy clothes,” she explained. “It was in the 30s, which was kind of a bad period for hair, but a nice period for clothing. It was really fun!” © COVER MEDIA