David Gandy Ive many imperfections.jpgDavid Gandy is annoyed that recent comments he made about his looks were “misconstrued” – he was actually saying he is the “opposite” of perfect.

The model dished on the things he didn’t like about himself in the latest issue of Men’s Health magazine, stating: “I hate my hair, my lips, my nose. I’ve never really fitted in anywhere. I can’t say I have many [friends] from the fashion industry.”

Many places picked up on the fact he was chasing “perfection” and the model isn’t pleased with how his remarks were interpreted.

“A couple of things I said were misconstrued when used by some of the newspapers in the UK which was disappointing,” said Gandy.

“I explained in the interview that I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work, interior design, car restorations etc. and said that ex-girlfriends had sometimes found that difficult. I went on to point out the various other imperfections I think I have!” he explained on his Vogue UK blog.

“I’m not sure why, but that was then reported that I think that I am perfect — I was actually saying the opposite.”

David Gandy went on to muse about refraining from airing his innermost thoughts in interviews from now on.

“Still I learnt from that, and maybe this is why some people in the public eye hold back which, in the long run, is a shame for the reader. However, as Monty Python states ‘always look on the bright side of life,'” he added. © COVER MEDIA