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Now we’re not asking you to axe your plans just because he changed his or to declare how you feel before sussing out his behaviour. But you can own your emotions and take fate into your own hands. Ginnifer Goodwin’s He’s Just Not That Into You character isn’t the only woman who doesn’t shy away from her feelings and knows how to make a move. Here are five women who did it in real life. 


1. “I don’t say no when I mean yes”

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“When I first met my boyfriend of 10 years, we were classmates who got along well with each other. Whenever he asked me out, I didn’t think twice about saying yes, no matter how frequent the dates were. Dating’s not something you keep a score on. I don’t believe in waiting around and replying to texts hours later just to string him along.” – 28-year-old Lynette*. 


2. “I asked him to kiss me”


“I had a friend whom I was into for some time, but he wasn’t taking my hints. So one day, when we were hanging out at his place watching TV, I bit the bullet and asked him to kiss me. He was surprised, but obliged. It must have worked, because soon after, he invited me on a holiday with him and his sister. We ended up dating for two years. It didn’t work out, but I never regretted what I did – at least I tried!” – 29-year-old Tessa*. 


3. “I told him I wanted to be with him – but he’d have to wait”

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“After just four dates, he asked if we could be exclusive. I was keen, but told him that he’d have to wait as I was still getting over an ex. I knew it was a risk as he might not still be interested when I was ready. But after two months of patience, we got together. While it would have been easier to say yes the first time and seal the deal. I was glad I was honest.” – 25-year-old Mandy*.


4. “I got tired of waiting for him to make things official”


“My now-boyfriend and I started off as good friends. He was so attentive – delivering ice cream and making me gifts for Valentine’s Day – it felt like we were in a relationship, only we never talked about it. It was confusing, and I was getting fed up. When he asked to join me on a solo trip. I snapped and asked him what was going on. Turns out, he was afraid of hurting our friendship. My confrontation motivated him to give a proper relationship a shot.” – 30-year-old Charlotte*.


5. “I was the one who gave him my number”


“I met this guy on dating app Coffee Meets Bagel and we hit it off. After several weeks of chatting and no move being made, I gave him my number and said he should ask me out. He texted soon after, asking if I always gave out my contact so easily. I joked that if he didn’t want it, I could take it back. He immediately asked me about my weekend plans,” – 25-year-old Lea*. 

* Names have been changed. 



This story was originally published in the June 2018 issue of Her World.