1. Love to Love iScream, $59.90, from www.horny.sg.

Here’s something to make you melt with pleasure! This popsicle- shaped toy works like a dildo, but looks cuter. Simply insert it in you and move it about in a way that best makes you go, “Oooh, yes!”.

2. Love Drop, $89.

Slip the curved end into you, and hand the remote control to your man – he can be the one pushing your buttons. The vibrations have four levels of intensity.

3. Toysheart My Little Buddy, $49.

All it takes is one push of the button (at the bottom) to get this palm- sized fella going. Rub its “limbs” or body over your pleasure zones.

4. Myah Cat Paw Vibrator, $39.

Place the vibrating “paw” over your lady bits, and press the power button twice for stronger vibes. The furry charm makes it look like an innocent keychain.

5. Pipedream Neon Luv Touch Lil Rabbit Mini Vibe, $40.

Use the twist mechanism at the base to “turn on” this bunny vibrator. Bonus: It’s waterproof (psst, lots of bath-time amusement!)

6. Aqua Manta, $56.

Dive into bedroom fun! Made of a supple material, this manta-shaped toy can fit snugly into you – yes, even the fins. The stretchy tail ring even doubles as a penis ring for him.

Photography: Vee Chin
Art direction: Alice Chua

Items 2 to 6 are available at U4ria, #02-11A Midpoint Orchard. 

This story was originally published in the May 2016 issue of Her World magazine.

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