For years, the Chinese zodiac has been consulted at Chinese New Year to determine how the various aspects of our lives will unfold over the year. Aside from the usual themes of fortune and prosperity, love is also a popular topic we seek answers to.

This Chinese New Year, check out what the 2013 year of the Snake holds for your romantic life, as well as which other zodiacs are the best and worst romantic matches for you.

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Your natural sexual magnetism is a powerful force that needs to be controlled if you hope to avoid romantic complications. A tendency to be practical, even in love, helps you make wise choices, so take your time in getting to know anyone new.

If you have a partner, set some romantic goals for the future and learn how to open up if you want to build an emotional connection. Snakes are also known to be jealous and insecure, so tone down your suspicious nature because it is neither attractive nor will it elicit a positive response from your partner.

Most compatible with: Ox and Rooster
Least compatible with: Pig and Monkey

CNY 2013: Love forecast for the Year of the SnakeHorse

Horses like to run free and roam wide open spaces, but your urge to constantly seek greener pastures could be keeping you from experiencing the physical and emotional intimacy that comes with a truly committed relationship.

If you’re single, take some time to decide when is a good time to settle down. Attached Horses, focus on being a good listener and respecting your sweetheart’s feelings, as well as making an extra effort to enjoy regular romantic dates.

Most compatible with:
Dog and Tiger
Least compatible with: Rat

CNY 2013: Love forecast for the Year of the SnakeGoat
Powerful romantic attractions demand a reality check in the Year of the Snake. Even if you have found your soul mate, take your time to let things develop naturally; this is no year for an impulsive commitment.

If you’re currently partnered, then it’s time to take a closer look to decide if your partner is someone who’s really going to help you through the ups and the downs, and let go if you feel like they’re not. If you’re single, it might be best to simply avoid romantic entanglement, at least through the first half of the Snake year.

Most compatible with: Rabbit and Pig
Least compatible with: Rat and Ox

CNY 2013: Love forecast for the Year of the SnakeMonkey
There may be some turmoil in your love life this year, but it will all end well. Attached Monkeys will see their relationships strengthened if you are meant to be together, but couples who simply aren’t for each other will see an amicable end to a relationship.

Single Monkeys many encounter a good problem of having too many suitors. Don’t make a rash decision and commit to a relationship too quickly, but don’t be afraid to commit when the right person comes along either.

Most compatible with: Rat and Dragon
Least compatible with: Snake and Tiger

CNY 2013: Love forecast for the Year of the SnakeRooster

The Rooster’s love life this year will be greatly determined by their loyalty. Those in a relationship should have a smooth-sailing romance as long as as your partner appreciates this quality about you. Single Roosters should use 2013 to find a partner who meets your needs and complements your personality, and allow the romance to bloom from there.

Rooster also need to find a way to keep their jealousy in check. They have a tendency to assume that everyone in their lives should have the same sense of loyalty as they do.

Most compatible with: Ox and Snake
Least compatible with: Rabbit

CNY 2013: Love forecast for the Year of the SnakeDog
The Dog is always giving, and this Year of the Snake is a great year to finally get a little back. Attached Dogs should open up and be honest with that special someone; don’t be afraid to say “I love you”. Should you have to deal with a less than loyal partner, it might be time to move on to someone better. However, if it’s a minor issue, do cut them some slack. Remember that not everyone can live up to your high ideals.

A long-lost person may reappear in your life this year. While this could signal a new start, there’s often a good reason why you left each other behind. Before you make any rash decisions that you want them back in your life, consider carefully why you fell out of touch in the first place. It’s likely that the reasons haven’t magically disappeared; so don’t set yourself up for a disappointment.

Most compatible with: Horse and Tiger
Least compatible with: Dragon and Rooster

CNY 2013: Love forecast for the Year of the SnakePig
There’s a good chance you’ll be smitten by love this year. Enjoy it, but don’t get your hopes up too much. Pigs give their all when it comes to love, which might not always be a good thing as you may get taken advantage of. If you’re in a relationship, try and include plenty of cuddling, hand holding, kissing and foreplay into your daily routine.

Pigs also tend to wear their heart on their sleeve. They are always open and honest with everyone, which is great for their partner. On the other hand, they simply assume that everyone in their life is being as open and honest as they are. We know that’s not the case, so protect yourself or you’ll be in for great disappointment.

Most compatible with: Goat, Rooster
Least compatible with: Snake, Pig

CNY 2013: Love forecast for the Year of the SnakeRat
This year of the Snake can be a difficult year in love for the Rat. Those who are already partnered are going to see their relationships either bloom or fail. Be prepared for plenty of change whether good or bad.

2013 shows that there is a high chance of loneliness for the Rat but it could be a good time for the single Rat to focus on themselves. There is also a chance for great, true and lasting love this year of the Snake, but you will need to make it a point to grow your relationship.

Most compatible with:
Dragon and Monkey
Least compatible with: Horse

CNY 2013: Love forecast for the Year of the SnakeOx
The Ox loves to win, and this can affect their love lives in a number of ways. Those already attached may find that they can create conflict with their partners where there is none. They are hypersensitive to someone else wanting what they have, and this can easily turn into possessiveness. They must be careful to let their partner breathe or they may find themselves without one.

This competitive nature might also keep you single. While you are intently focused on your career and other commitments, be mindful to also make time for your special someone. You may sometimes need to put romance on the backburner, but you should also be willing to make sacrifices for a lifetime of romantic happiness.

Most compatible with: Rat and Rooster
Least compatible with: Tiger and Horse

CNY 2013: Love forecast for the Year of the SnakeTiger

Not everyone will like the Tiger’s personality. Some will find you overbearing and too intense, but try not to take this criticism too much to heart. Single Tigers take note: don’t feel like you should change who you are to please someone else, because not only will they be in love with someone else, but the truth will eventually come out and you’ll lose them anyway.

This year, just be mindful to go after only those whom you feel are a good match for yourself. Once you’ve set your mind on someone, use all your passion to show them what you have to offer. If they don’t reciprocate the intention, then move on to someone who’s worth your time.

Most compatible with: Dog and Horse
Least compatible with: Monkey and Ox

CNY 2013: Love forecast for the Year of the SnakeRabbit
The odds are in your favour to improve existing relationships and create new ones this year. But before you decide on starting a new romance, think long and hard about your relationship and make sure you’re making decisions for the right reasons – not just because you’re bored.

Single Rabbits would do well to stay that way. You’re feeling fickle this year, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Embrace it and enjoy your singlehood! There are plenty of advantages to calling your own shots.

Most compatible with:
Pig and Dog
Least compatible with: Rooster and Rat

CNY 2013: Love forecast for the Year of the SnakeDragon
Don’t hold back this year, Dragon. Single Dragons should have no problem attracting a crowd of potential suitors in 2013. The problem will come in weeding out the few that you want to pay special attention to. It’s definitely all about quality this year, not quantity. You’re incapable of being too picky this year; choose wisely!

You thrive on having a like-minded partner who will stand up to you, but make sure they’re not doing so too much. It’s common for the Dragon to be so attracted to people who don’t back down that they end up being with someone who won’t back down even when it’s a necessary. Remember that any good relationship requires compromise and both you and your partner must be willing to compromise.

Most compatible with:
Rat, Monkey or Rooster
Least compatible with: Ox and Dog