CLEO magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelors 2017 winner Amos Ngeow started going to the gym when he was in Secondary 1 because of a girl who he said he fell in love with at first sight.

He was slightly overweight then, and his peers used to laugh at him and call him fat.

The 24-year-old told The New Paper: “I wanted to impress her… I didn’t even put on proper gym attire then. We finally got together after three or four years. It was like a dream come true.”


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The relationship did not last, but Mr Ngeow’s passion for fitness did. Nearly a decade later, his ripped physique led him to be crowned the Most Eligible Bachelor earlier this month, where he flaunted his abs in a striptease performance.

Standing at 1.83m and weighing 80kg, the emcee-host and NutriMan 2015 finalist said he joined the competition because it was good exposure for his portfolio and budding showbiz dream.

Mr Ngeow said: “I didn’t expect to win. When they announced my name, I was stunned because I didn’t think I had the nicest body, and I was always joking around.”


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He said: “There was a trial to join the canoeing team and after that, I was so tired and my muscles ached for a few weeks. That was when I took the gym seriously.”

Now he is a fitness enthusiast.

He goes to the gym three to five times a week, working out for one to two hours, and notes his intake of macronutrients like protein, fat, carbohydrate. Food and water are also required in large amounts.


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“There is no specific food that I can or cannot eat, but I make sure I don’t eat fried food all the time,” he said.

Besides carrying weights and doing cardio, he places a lot of focus on his chest, saying: “When I used to be fat, I had man boobs and that brought my self-esteem down.”


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But the youngest of three siblings said knowing how to communicate is better than looking good.

“I used to be notorious because I talked a lot (in class), and my teacher had to call home (to tell my parents). Little did she realise it was a talent,” he joked.

As for his plans now?

Mr Ngeow said: “I hope to put smiles onto people’s faces and entertain them in daily life, also during a career (in hosting or acting).”


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Article first published on TheNewPaper