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Just like anywhere else in the world, couples in Singapore can benefit from inexpensive and romantic ways to bring an extra spark to their relationship.

You don’t have to wait for a special day to go out of your way to do something special for your partner. I prefer to do special things with and for my partner to show him my love every day!

We at have rounded up some inexpensive but fun ideas for couples and for couples with kids.

Snuggle And Giggle Over Hot Chocolate, Complete With Silly Comedies Or Movies
Spending quality time with each other doesn’t have to cost a bomb so stock up the fridge with both of your favourite drinks and snacks!

Fret not if you do not have access to Netflix or cable TV, all you have to do is stream some movies on the glorious internet. Easy peasy!

Craft A Creative Coupon Book That Doesn’t Expire
Let your creativity reign here and put in whatever you reckon your significant other would like. Be as cheeky as you want!

Need some ideas? These redeemable coupons can include things like DIY masks, a home cooked meal made with lots of love, a comforting back massage or even a complete day off from doing household chores!

Catch A Movie At The Cinema
Only this time round, let him pick the movie. Be nice and do not whine! Now, it is only fair that we girls watch some guy flicks every now and then with our sweethearts who have probably watched way more romantic comedies with us just because.

Stay In At Home As Per Usual
To up the fun factor, get your love to retrieve the nice (or naughty) card you’ve snail-mailed him or her. Make sure you pen down your thoughts and remember to show your appreciation! Spontaneous hugs and kisses sound good, no?

Couples With Kids:
Give Each Other Surprises
Instead of having daddy buy mommy a bouquet of beautiful flowers, get the little ones to draw and gift a picture to mommy.

Mommy can sneak a sweet (or sexy) note into the pocket of daddy’s trousers while daddy can send some chocolates or flowers to mommy at the office! Whatever the surprises are, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a blissful smile plastered on your face.

Bake A Gargantuan Chocolate Cake Together
Who doesn’t love chocolate, right? Get the whole family to bake together if your little ones are big enough to help out in the kitchen. Now, everyone gets to eat some luscious cake, bond and have fun together.

Have A Fancy Family Lunch/Dinner
Now’s the kitchen goddess’s time to shine and cook up a storm. By making your own meal, you get to decide what to eat and what goes into your food! Nothing beats having a cosy meal together with your loved ones, don’t you think?

To take things up a notch, decorate and beautify your dining area and perhaps clink some glasses of bubbly with your spouse while your little ones drink some refreshing sparkling juices. Fancy shmancy!

Wedding Video Rewind
When your little ones are already snuggling in bed, it’s your turn to snuggle on the couch with your spouse watching clips from your big day when you walked down the aisle.

Play the exact same music which you danced to and dance away in the living room. This sweet reminiscence will make both of you feel extra loved.


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