“We first matched on a dating app in February 2019. Ian was quick to express his interest in getting to know me better, but I didn’t quite match his eagerness because I thought he was boring!

In July, we were preparing to formalise our relationship when I was suddenly diagnosed with an aggressive Stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. We had a serious conversation about what this meant for our future, should we decide to enter into a relationship, and I told him upfront that he could walk away with no hard feelings on my end if this wasn’t what he wanted.

He chose to stay. He told me loves me for who I am, and that my illness doesn’t define me. Breast cancer can cause a woman to question her attractiveness, but with Ian, I am fully assured that his love goes beyond the superficial. I have seen him demonstrate his commitment and devotion over the course of my treatment and beyond. Even now, as I battle another health condition, he continues to care for me every day.

Love conquers all: Chan See Ting 28 & Ian Ng 28

In October 2020, four months after I had completed my breast cancer treatment, I was diagnosed with another health condition called leptomeningeal disease (LD). LD has a really poor prognosis and there is an almost 100 per cent mortality rate. It would take nothing short of a miracle to recover from it.

Naturally, we were devastated and felt helpless. Ian and I had another difficult conversation: I knew he intended to propose, but I was uncertain if we should proceed given the poor prognosis. He was adamant that he is going to marry me despite the odds, and so when he popped the question on Nov 21, I quickly said yes.

Initially, I was riding on his faith with regards to marriage, because I wasn’t sure if I could overcome this health challenge, but I’ve been showing signs of improvement since treatment started, so I am beginning to have some faith of my own. My hope for our marriage is that we will continue to be steadfast in our faith, and love people in deeper measures. A few kids and a dog wouldn’t hurt too!”

This article first appeared in the February 2021 issue of Her World.