Brandon Flowers treasures McQueen denim jacketBrandon Flowers has a favourite Alexander McQueen jacket which gets “cooler” each time he wears it.

The Killers frontman has worn the denim item on numerous occasions. The 31-year-old star bought the treasured piece at luxury department store Selfridges in London years ago, and says he can’t bear to part with it because it suits him so well.

“I have an Alexander McQueen denim jacket I’ve been wearing for six years – it looks cooler every time I wear it,” he revealed in an interview with the British edition of Elle magazine.

The American singer believes his outfit choices can have a direct impact on his performance. Brandon’s stage attire is chosen based on how positive he feels wearing it.

“If I feel confident in my appearance, I can be more explosive on stage,” he explained.

The Killers have been working on their album Battle Born, which will be released later this month.

It will be the Las Vegas band’s fourth musical offering.