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It’s never nice to argue but sometimes it’s the only way a conversation is headed and there’s no stopping it. Arguing is healthy for relationships – it shows you care enough to ‘challenge’ each other – but even when things are settled, there’s almost always an awkward silence hanging in the air. Of course the best way to avoid this would be not to argue at all but where’s the fun in that? Here are five tips to get rid of this tension and be an amazing couple again.




Let it go



Elsa is right, it’s good to let it go. One of the main reasons why there’s tension even after an argument is settled is because one (or both) of you is still thinking about it. There’s no point sitting in silence and seething while contemplating how you should’ve insisted on something or wondering why on earth your man was unable to see your point of view. If you let things go immediately after the squabble is over, it’ll be easier for you to move on to happier things.


Don’t hold a grudge



Sure, you’ve declared peace but you’ve vowed to yourself not to ever make him forget about it – or, worse still, to make him pay. What’s the point in this anyway? Holding a grudge will only make you feel more tense as you cling onto negative thoughts. Instead, think positive and work towards making your relationship happier.


Don’t overanalyze

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“What did he mean by that?” – us women are famous for having this thought. If you’re analysing every single sentence that was spoken during the argument, you need to stop right away. Don’t waste time thinking how it could’ve been avoided or how you should’ve said something differently. End the awkward silence and talk to your man normally, without mentioning anything related to why you were bickering in the first place.


Leave the room



If possible, go somewhere else. If the altercation happened at home, go out for a coffee. If it took place while you were in the car, get out and go for a walk. Whatever you choose to do, do it together. A change of environment will help you both to forget what happened and return to normalcy.


Get physical

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We’re not talking make-up sex here, although that’s a good way to reconnect with your man. Actions speak louder than words so what better way to tell your man that you’re ready to move on from the awful argument by touching him affectionately or giving him a hug or a kiss? Expressing intimacy is a quick way to break the tension and remind yourselves that you love each other.