You can buy many wonderfully affordable things at your average drugstore in Singapore, from pharmaceuticals to makeup.

Familiar items aside, the “Planned Parenthood” aisle (which most of us avoid out of a misplaced sense of embarrassment) is where you’ll find a surprisingly decent range of vibrators.

Marketed as “personal massagers”, these adult toys are very unassuming and don’t appear to be overtly sexual. However, once you take a good look at the box, you’ll know exactly what it is. There are four different vibrator designs from the Smile Makers brand, and each miniature “man”  has his own hilarious “character trait”. Scroll through and decide which one is calling out to you.


The Millionaire

Image: Watsons

The sleek and streamlined shape is probably the closest to that of a conventional vibrator.

Could this particular design be called the Millionaire because it looks like a cigar? Or could it be because the smiles that come with it are priceless?

Amusingly, the brand describes the Millionaire as “a powerful player with a great, big trust fund, and he knows exactly how to use it.”


The Frenchman

Image: Watsons

To me, this reminds me of a big and blue shoe horn, which is not something that I’d want anywhere near the downstairs department. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so ladies, if you wanna try something different, go French.


The Tennis Coach

Image: Watsons

I cannot even begin to express how much I love these names! The Tennis Coach’s ergonomic design is one of the more predictable vibrator shapes in the range. The cheerful banana yellow is probably the least weird colour choice out of the four designs, so I’m going ahead to say that this is the nicest looking one of the lot!


The Firefighter

Image: Watsons

I don’t quite know where to begin with this one. It looks somewhat like a cross between one of those fake candle flames, a spatula and a crab claw. This has got to be the most bizarre of the lot and I can’t quite imagine how this fits into the, um, grand scheme of things, but if you’re adventurous feel free to try it!


One more thing: All of the vibrators are paraben-free and retail at a decent $64.95 each. The “characters” of each vibrator are too adorable, and if this encourages you to be more open about exploring your body, by all means go ahead and have fun!


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