9 terrible Valentine’s Day giftsWe’ve all heard how guys go out of their way to impress a girl on Valentine’s Day by planning an elaborate gift or date. In fact, I believe there exists an unspoken competition, where guys try to out-wine, out-dine, and out-gift their peers; so that girls can take pride in recounting their romantic night to their friends.

But enough about diabetes-inducing memories, we’re more interested in hearing about disastrous Valentines. So, we took to the streets to uncover some of the lousiest Valentine’s Day gifts ever received; and surprise, surprise! – guys aren’t the only ones who give bad gifts.

“My ex-girlfriend gave me an empty dolphin-embellished photo frame. She could have at least put a picture of us in it.” — Terence Chew, creative executive

“A lighter. I don’t smoke.” — Cynthia Low, homemaker

“A wind chime. If that doesn’t reek of thoughtlessness and unoriginality, I don’t know what does.” — Faye Gaffigan, writer

“A branch ripped off a tree; its saving grace being the three sad-looking blossoms that adorned it.” — Niki Bruce, herworldPLUS editor

“He gave me a rock with the words ‘You rock my world’ written on it in black marker. I couldn’t help but notice the same type of rocks in my neighbour’s garden the next day.” — Sandy Chan, nurse

“She showed up unannounced at my house with a tray of brownies she baked, but I never told her where I lived and she doesn’t know any of my friends.” — Carlos Devaraj, PR executive

“I received a dildo from a guy I had been dating for less than three months and wasn’t really into. Needless to say, I dumped him after Valentine’s Day.” — Linda Sim, flight attendant

“This guy I was casually dating for awhile suggested we go bowling on Valentine’s Day, but stood up me up on the day itself. A few weeks later, I discovered he was seeing his ex-girlfriend again, and had probably spent Valentine’s Day with her instead. What a jerk.” — Cheryl Lim, self-employed

“I found out a few weeks after Valentine’s Day that I had contracted syphilis from my boyfriend because he had been sleeping around behind my back.“ — Maria Pei, travel agent

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