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The saying goes; “it’s the little things that count” and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to marriage. The mundaneness of day to day life can leave you feeling flat and a busy work schedule often doesn’t leave much time for romance. So small treats or surprises that crop up every now and then can make all the difference.

The ultimate ways to surprise your partner every day

Try these ultimate ways to surprise your partner every day to keep you close and the romance alive.

Hop in their shower
Do this one with care, as you don’t want to scare your partner and make them slip in the shower in fright! Something as regular as taking a shower can easily be spiced up if you sidle up next to your suddy-buddy while they’re taking their morning wash.  Massage their head and shoulders with the soap suds and enjoy that feeling of being close (and naked!) in a moment of intimacy. Turn a steamy shower into a steamy romance session. What better way to give your husband or wife a little surprise? This hot and steamy (literally) act will make you feel frivolous and young, and will surely leave you grinning for the rest of the day.

Cook their favourite meal

The oldies are always the goodies. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this applies to women too. Cooking your hubby or wife their favourite meal is a surefire way to get in their good books after a fall out, or to treat them after a grueling day at work.  A few candles or fairy lights, soft music (Bublé never fails) and a bottle of wine wouldn’t go amiss either. Unless you’re a pro in the kitchen, you don’t have to rustle up a five course meal to make this gesture work. Simply ordering a pizza while waiting for a bottle of prosecco to cool still shows you care, and is an easy surprise to slot in mid-week.

Buy them something they’ve seen
This is mainly one for the husbands out there, but wives, your hubby may be just as partial to window shopping as you are, so listen up. If your partner spots something on a shopping trip that they gawp over, but then can’t justify buying for themselves, swoop in and buy the item as a surprise for them. Hide it under their pillow, in their gym bag or somewhere surprising like a kitchen cupboard so that they’ll discover it when they’re grabbing their morning cereal. A ‘just because’ gift that isn’t intended for a certain occasion is a romantic and generous way to show your other half you still want to spoil them. Something as small as a magazine they enjoy or a replacement of a cosmetic product they have used up still says you care, so you don’t always have to fork out for a watch or expensive handbag.

Change your ways
Are you a phantom fridge scoffer? Or a maddening mealtime belcher? All those little habits that so clearly drive your partner up the wall will make the perfect surprise if you make an attempt to change. These are efforts you can make day to day to show your partner you care about them enough to want to change your ways. Do you leave a trail of disaster everywhere you wander? Or are you forever drinking straight from the milk carton? Perhaps you always nag at your husband or wife? Whatever it is, allow your other half some respite from your annoying traits.

Arrange something with their friends
If you love your man or woman, you’ll know that you can’t just keep them to yourself. As much as you love having them all to yourself on your date nights or cosy DVD nights in, they’ll love you all the more if you give them time with their friends. Planning for your husband’s pals to come round for a sports game and a few beers (while you make yourself scarce), or arranging a spa day for your wife and her female friends will make your partner know you really care and that you want to see them happy. The reward of their surprised reaction and gratitude will be worth any hassle you’ve been faced with when contacting your partner’s friends.

Treasure hunt
Get back to basics and humour your childish side by laying out a treasure hunt or trail for your husband or wife to stumble upon when they come home from work. Lay out a trail of their favourite sweets or candles (with care) leading to you or a gift. Or write out cryptic clues and hide them around your home so they can indulge in childlike excitement as they race around the house looking for their prize. We don’t know who this is more of a treat for – as you will revel in your partner’s excitable hunt.

Book a holiday
Last but not least, this idea doesn’t come too cheap, but it’s probably the ultimate way to surprise your partner. At a time when work is stressful or family and friends are demanding, the ideal option is to be whisked away somewhere that’s not home – even just for the night. With a bit of careful planning and scheduling, and of course the utmost secrecy, you’ll be able to reveal the plan just before it’s time to leave to really surprise your partner.

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