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We all want some privacy when we’re putting our tongues in places that don’t see the sun. But when we live with other people, it isn’t always available. Nothing disrupts the mood faster than hearing someone flush the toilet or cough their lungs out. And nothing kills it quicker than when that someone also knows you’re getting it on.

It’s not always possible (or at least pleasant) to remain fully silent during sexy time, but there are a couple of ways to mask the sounds. And no they don’t involve leaving the radio or TV on — having someone jabber on in the background can be as distracting.

Here ways you can get down and dirty without anyone catching on.


1. Pull your bed away from the wall

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It’s awkward for everyone in the house when the headboard bangs repeatedly against the wall. So if your bed touches it, be sure to pull it away. Just don’t drag it such that everyone knows you’re moving your bed.


2. Use a white noise machine

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A white noise machine fills the room with relaxing sounds, like of that of a steady stream or wind blowing through trees. It’ll not only help put you to sleep at night, but also drown out the humping going on in your bed. #multifunctional


3. Do it on the floor

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Maybe you just can’t move your bed. Or the springs in them are waaay too creaky. Either way, if the sounds from your bed are going to give you away, you might as well move to the floor. Simply spread out a rug or towel and you’re good to go. Plus, it’s pretty kinky.


4. Get under the covers

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Yes, it’ll be warm AF, but there’s something about sweaty sex that makes it super hot. It’s like hot yoga — you may not love it, but it pays off.



5. Take it to the shower

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It can be tricky for the both of you to get to the bathroom together, but ninja your way around and you just might be rewarded with the time of your life. Just try not to take too long cos, well, save the earth.


6. Stock up on egg cartons

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Egg cartons are known to be great (and cheap) soundproofing tools, and you can line the floor and the bottom of your door with them to keep the sound down. Just don’t let anyone see you bringing a ton home, it’ll definitely give your game away.




This article was first published on CLEO.