What They Say About Pain and Gain
Over the span of two years, it’s more than likely that you’ve experienced some setback or difficulty—awful boss, unreasonable colleague, standoff with the BFF, etc. Maybe one of you have even lost a job or, worse, a close friend or family member. We all take hits in life. You know that they’re the one for you when they drop everything to help you get through these rough patches.

Image: 123RF/ kzenon

Just Being You
It’s more or less all out in the open by now… you’re no longer holding things in (bodily functions included) and you feel free to express yourselves to each other. You share your real feelings and secret thoughts, even when this risks displeasing your better half. You know they really love you when you are your true self and they still accept and adore you.

Over the Cray Cray
You’re done obsessing and feeling insecure about where you stand in each other’s lives. You’re done thinking about whether they’re thinking about you as much as you’re thinking about them. All that is in the happy past. You know where you stand, and chances are you’ve already discussed the future and are both on the same page about where things are headed. Phew.

Rocking Your Relationship Cycles
You’ve cycled through periods of intense working out together, maybe even embarked on a crazy diet plan or two…  but there’ve also been days at a time when both of you basically camped out on the couch in a repetitive eat-watch movie-cuddle-sleep pattern. This is one of the best perks of a good relationship—the freedom to do whatever while simply enjoying each other.

In Synchrony
You’ve started finishing each other’s sentences, or exchanging half sentences. You read each other’s minds like favourite books. You exchange glances to convey thoughts, and you burst into laughter at the same time even though nothing was said. You have an expanding repertoire of secret looks and inside jokes that no one else understands, and chances are you also share your own private lingo.

What’s New?
You’re also starting to recycle stories: “Have I told you about the time when…?” Yep, at least twice… but it’s still precious when you randomly learn something new about each other, no matter how trivial. It’s even more special now when you can be surprised. “What? You mean to say you don’t like cream of asparagus soup even though you love asparagus?”

What Now?
People say that the first two years of a relationship are usually the hardest. You’ve seen each other’s true colors, fought and made up and fought and made up, again and again. The fact that you’ve stuck together bodes very well for your relationship going forward.
Because there’s no question about this: you’re in it for the long haul. You’ve both agreed to be a part of your BFF’s destination wedding 13 months from now. This is a great place to be and we applaud you for it. Relationships may be hard work, but keep going and you’ll definitely reap the rewards of yours!

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