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First dates are always so nerve-wrecking. What if there’s an awkward silence? What if you guys just have nothing in common? What if you end up really liking the guy… but he doesn’t follow up with a second date? Actually, if you think about it, first dates are kind of like job interviews. And here are some mistakes to never make, according to an AskReddit thread titled, “What’s a big turn-off on the first date?”


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1. Don’t leave it up to the other party to keep the conversation going

“People who don’t elaborate or ask follow-up questions in conversation. If I’m carrying the conversation the whole time, there ain’t gonna be a second date.” – temwaves


2. Don’t talk too much about your ex

“I get it, everybody has an ex, and the breakup might have been a transformative event in your life. So if you want to mention it a little bit, sure. But don’t go on and on about him/her/them.“ – s0undslikepuget


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3. Don’t assume that the guy would pay for everything

“When the other person expects you to pay and doesn’t even attempt to acknowledge or thank you. I was on a terrible first date, and after dinner the waiter puts the check between us. I decided that I would ignore the check until she said something, because she had been complaining about menu prices earlier. After 45 minutes of awkward conversation and her eyes flicking to the check, she finally managed a ‘So, are you going to pay, or what?’ I said sure and smiled, to which she said ‘Finally! A true gentleman pays for everything on a date. Without going into detail, a lot more things went wrong on that date, but that was really the icing on the cake for me.” – neu8ball


4. Don’t be glued to your phone

“We are on a date, not the people who you’re texting.” – Subie2016



5. Don’t be late

“To me, it is a huge sign of disrespect. I mean sure, a few minutes because you couldn’t find parking or because the traffic was crazier than normal is fine. But Google Maps tells you with pretty good accuracy how long it takes to get somewhere. So if you’re late, I feel like you didn’t care enough to try to be on time.” – ilini02


6. Don’t ask too many personal questions at one go

“Met this girl through an online dating site. We chatted online for a couple weeks before deciding to meet up. Up to this point, it had been basic stuff (what do you like/dislike etc). There was still a lot more ‘get to know you’ stuff to do, though.

We met at this Italian place for the very first time, and within 10 minutes of being seated, she’s asking me ‘are you a virgin’ and ‘was the last girl you dated better-looking than me?’. She then began drilling me on my religious beliefs before telling me numerology was the only true belief system in the world while giving me a crash course… Never talked to that one again…” – aricberg


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