“When you try your best, but you don’t succeed,” goes the opening verse of Coldplay’s Fix You, which perfectly encapsulates how it feels to be in a relationship that you know is going south, even though you aren’t compelled towards any kind of active troubleshooting. Keep a lookout for these five signs that could show, perhaps, that your relationship is over:

1. When spending time with your partner becomes a real drag

It’s normal to start feeling restless when you guys aren’t engaged in something exciting. But if you’ve been feeling this way for the past year or so and you get bored even when you’re simply chatting with your significant other, maybe your partner isn’t that significant to you anymore. The problem is real when you no longer enjoy even the little moments together.

2. When you realise you don’t know your partner anymore

It’s one thing to be unpredictable. It’s another to be a total stranger. Couples may unwittingly grow so far apart that one day, they realise they’re not the same people they once were, and certainly not the same people they once fell in love with. When your lover becomes a stranger, it’s time to pull the plug.

3. When you don’t trust each other

Trust that’s been broken (due to infidelity or lying) or that has never been there (due to insecurities) leads to the death of a relationship. We’re talking about the glue that holds two people together. If you find yourself unable to trust your companion, you’ll find yourself on a highway to relationship hell.

4. When you’ve been stuck in the “on again, off again” ditch for too long

We’re all familiar with the “break up and make up” routine, which can be equated to the “lather, rinse, repeat” cycle. No relationship is worth a lifetime of yo-yoing and heartbreaking uncertainty. It will do you both good to terminate the affair, along with its perpetual instability.

5. When you can’t imagine a future together

Perhaps you once imagined a forever with your lover, but lately, you’ve been doing things without him/her. When you can’t even bring yourself to schedule a date next month, let alone a one-year anniversary or an eventual marriage, despite having being in the relationship for a long while now, you’re probably in trouble.

It may feel as though you’re giving up on the romantic ideal of commitment, and that perhaps you haven’t tried hard enough – after all, maintaining a relationship requires a shedload of effort – but when love fades, it fades, and there’s nothing anyone can really do about it.


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