5 tips for attracting Mr Right via social mediaSlowly but surely earning the title of “online relationship guru”, Jon Yongfook Cockle has recently appeared on television and at numerous talks to give his two cents on how to cultivate great web relationships.

And it’s not just the romantic kind we’re talking about. This British-born looker is the digital entrepreneur behind projects such as the online flea market, Tinytrunk, and a couple of years ago built up and sold a popular recipe-sharing website; so developing online relationships – whether with the opposite sex or consumers – should come quite naturally to him.

We speak with the man himself as he offers some useful tips on how to attract that hottie you’ve had your eye on using social media.

It’s 2012. Whether you like it or not, social media is fast becoming a legitimate platform for finding a date, and if you’re out there using Twitter and Facebook, you’re going to attract attention!

While it’s very easy to amass a following of stalker-like characters if you’re not careful, how do you optimise your social media activity for attracting a higher quality of gentleman? As a decent (I think?) single guy who uses social media to discover eligible women, I know a thing or two about this.

Here are five bite-size pieces of advice for man-attracting status updates:

Just say no to the emo and/or ex-boyfriend talk. For a man there’s no greater interest-killer than seeing a girl either serial-complaining or pining wistfully and publicly for a past relationship. If I ever see you writing 140-character poetry about how painfully you miss your ex, my romantic interest in you implodes in an instant.

Ration out the skimpy photos. Perhaps I belong in the 1900s, but there’s something unsettling about a girl whose Facebook albums are entirely comprised of pictures of her at the beach in a bikini or in clubs wearing skimpy tops. However, there’s something fascinating about an otherwise normal girl who, very occasionally uploads a knock-out shot of her at the beach or in a dress at an event. Be mysterious, be the latter!

Participate in the right conversations. Hashtags are your friend and are the key to you being discovered outside your social circle. Participate in a #hashtag you are genuinely interested in and can add to in a funny or insightful way and you greatly increase the chances of being seen by a guy with the same interests as you! Wouldn’t it be great to meet a guy who has the same unnervingly encyclopedic knowledge of ‘80s movies as you? With social media, you can.

Don’t be shy, be social! It’s fine to @mention guys you don’t know, we find it flattering. But don’t waste the chance, use your @mentions to capture our attention from the start. In the world of short status updates, wit is the way. Use your first @mention to a guy to say something like “lol me too” and you’ve blown it, lady.

Update your profile pic. Men are pretty straightforward creatures – we want to see your face! However, you can get away with being a little mysterious – pics of your lips or eyes will hold our interest for a little while if you don’t want to give away too much. Just make sure you back up the mystery with interesting status updates!

Jon Yongfook Cockle is a web entrepreneur, single, GSOH and is on Twitter @yongfook.