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Are guys as complicated as you think they are? Possibly. But here are a couple of things to help you demystify the male species. 


1. We get insecure about our bodies too

We’re subject to unrealistic standards of beauty too. All those jacked dudes on the covers of health magazines? It makes us feel horrible about our paunchy guts and receding hairlines. We eat our feelings too, you know.


2. We mean it when we say you don’t need makeup



Coiffed hair and smoky eye makeup? Guys could do without that. I’ll be straight – short shorts, a top, and hair pulled back in a loose ponytail work just fine. You’re hottest when you’re not trying.


3. We lie because we’re scared of upsetting you



We sometimes don’t tell you we had lunch with a female colleague, or that a girl struck up a conversation with us. It’s not a conspiracy to cover up any infidelity. We’re preserving our sanity. Because we know it’ll drive you crazy even if we tell you it didn’t mean anything.


4. We love you – even when we don’t want to hang out with you



Just because we don’t want to go shopping, accompany you to the spa, or head to the park to look at the flowers doesn’t mean we don’t love you. It just means we don’t like shopping, the spa, and staring at flowers. Sometimes, it is what it is.


5. We hate it that you gush about that guy you’re close to at work



We totally trust you. But don’t get taken in when we play it cool – we do sometimes wish he’d get abducted by aliens (or maybe, just quit his job?) so we can have you all to ourselves again. Truth.


This story was originally published in the November 2017 issue of Her World magazine.