He’s best known for his arrogant role in the popular Korean TV series Boys Over Flowers. Adapted from the Japanese manga series Hana Yori Dango, it’s been re-made into different versions, all with handsome actors casted as the lead. Lee Min Ho is no exception.

In Singapore recently to promote the new LG Optimus GT540 mobile phone, he won over the media and his fans alike with his good guy charm, physique, cute smile and adoration for his fans – he gave out hugs generously to game participants at the meet-and-greet session. Here’s what else we learnt about him:

1. He likes to cook. Lee Min Ho says, “My favourite phone application on the new LG Optimus is the cooking application. I’ve picked up cooking as a hobby and even tried cooking chilli crab recently. It was delicious.”

2. He has the gift of the gab. Well, kind of. When a Filipino fan got picked to receive a phone call from Min Ho during the fan session, he said “Hello” in her native language. He did the same to a Chinese fan in Mandarin, which naturally set off a round of screams among the audience.

3. He’s looking for a girlfriend. Lee Min Ho wishes that phones came with a dating function so that he can meet like-minded people who share the same hobbies as him. When a fan quizzed him later on what kind of woman he’s looking for, the actor cheekily replied “You.” Note to potential girlfriends: You probably have to get used to talking on the phone – when he was 20 years old, he once fall asleep while taking to his then-girlfriend for 13 hours.

4. He can’t draw. Sorry, Min Ho fans, but his drawing skills were put to the test during the meet-and-greet session where fans could ask him to draw whatever they wanted, and he definitely didn’t pass – his chilli crab looked more like a lobster. His drawings were cute nonetheless and his fans were more than willing to snatch them up when he threw them into the crowd.

5. He loves his dog. When asked who are on his speed dial list, he said his mum, dad, sister and if possible, his dog Choco. He also drew a rather interesting portrait of his dog. When we checked out his Twitter account @ActorLeeMinHo (he’d asked everyone to follow him on Twitter), we spied a picture of his adorable pooch he’d posted on Twitpic, which impressively enough, resembled the drawing he did at the show!