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Have you ever felt that sex with your man is way more thrilling when you’re in a hotel? Even if you have an exciting sex life, it always goes up a notch (or more!) when you’re on holiday. Here are five reasons why sex is always amazing on your time off.  


You’re less stressed

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Holidays are for unwinding so, chances are, you won’t be thinking about work deadlines, nasty colleagues or your domestic responsibilities. Once your mind is relaxed, you’ll lose your inhibitions and be more open to trying new things too. So the daily routine goes out the window and sex becomes more exciting and adventurous.


It’s not your room


The best thing about having sex in a hotel room is that you won’t have to clean up after. So take the opportunity to get as dirty as you want – both literally and sexually – because someone else will be doing the clearing up later. And this means that you don’t have to think about what a mess you’re making so you can totally concentrate on getting it on. Plus, you can scream as loud as you want because who cares what the neighbours think?


You have nothing else to do


It’s not like you and your husband are squeezing in a quickie before work or having sex while trying not to fall asleep after a long, busy day. You have the whole day (and night) in front of you with probably nothing else to do besides check out the sights and, as gorgeous as they might be, they can’t possibly beat both of you taking as much as time as you want reaching the Big O – then doing it all over again.


You don’t have to leave

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Ever tried to have a dirty weekend at home then realised five hours later you have no food in the fridge so had to leave the house to get some? In a hotel, you can let room service keep the food coming, while you, erm, service each other to keep yourselves coming (pun fully intended).


Everything screams ‘sex!’


Book yourself into a fancy hotel and every piece of furniture is practically begging you to have sex on them. Four-poster bed? Sexy! Soft, luscious carpet? It’s all over the room! Comfy reading chair? Perfect for straddling your man! And don’t forget the bathroom – whether it’s a standing shower or a luxurious bathtub, it’s inviting you to get down and dirty. And who are you to say no, right?