Lovebyte is a mobile app that provides a private space for couples to communicate and remember precious moments. It currently has more than 237,000 monthly active users. Besides its private messaging function (we love the super-cute emoticons!), the app is also a digital scrapbook of sorts where you and Hubby can post photos and notes on your shared timeline to mark special occasions. You can both scroll back and remember all your happy moments, any time and anywhere. It’s available for free on iTunes and Google Play.

We ask Amelia Chen, CEO and co-founder of Lovebyte, to suggest some special occasions you should celebrate with Hubby. 

Date-night milestones
“Mark the times you and Hubby tried something different for a date. Since you’ve made the effort to make the date fun, it’s something to feel joyous about. If you feel uninspired, Lovebyte has a ‘secret message’ function which enables you and Hubby to send virtual scratch cards concealing fun activity ideas to each other.”

Relationship firsts
“First date and the day you became a couple aside, other relationship ‘firsts’ to mark include: the day your pet joined the family unit, the day you moved into your first home, and so on. You can do so with photos or a note on Lovebyte.”

Day anniversaries
“Couples in Korea celebrate their 100th day together. You can do something similar with Lovebyte – the app’s Days Together feature lets you and Hubby keep track of the number of days you’ve spent together. So why not commemorate your 1,000th (or even 10,000th) day as a couple?”

“If you love birthday celebrations but hate how they take forever to roll around, celebrate half-birthdays – six months after your actual birthday. The Dates feature on Lovebyte can help remind you of such special occasions.”

This article was originally published in Simply Her November 2015.