It’s almost Valentine’s Day so we decided to put together some tips for all you men out there. Dating group Love Script gave us some help from its extensive experience trying to match Singapore singles.

Valentine's Day 24 things men should know about women But dont!

So, here’s a countdown of the top 24 things men should know about women … But don’t!

No. 24
Women are from Venus, and we’re disappointed that Men are from Mars; life would’ve been way simpler if we were all from the same planet!

No. 23
Only real, money-making, non debt-ridden, rock stars are allowed to wear leather pants, tie-dye T-shirts and have crazy colored, hair-sprayed hair dos and wear makeup!

No. 22
Real men know how to fix things; and if they don’t they let us get on with it.

No. 21
We love when you give us little surprises and gifts. It’s superficial but we’d be lying if we said no.  Let the gift giving begin!

No. 20
Celebrating our anniversary, even if it’s only been a short rollercoaster ride so far, earns major points.

No. 19
Discussion of ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands early in a relationship is in poor taste and is strictly prohibited.

No. 18
I’m a woman. It’s in my DNA to remember EVERYTHING about our relationship.

No. 17
Call us often and for no apparent reason. Say you miss us and can’t stop thinking of us!

No. 16
What planet are you on? Can’t you tell I’m besotted with you? But experience says, better enjoy this irrational behaviour, it won’t last forever! 

No. 15
I want to hold your hand … all the time, and in public.

No. 14
Respect my parents and make an effort to do the obligation thing, but please don’t make us choose between you

No. 13
Ask my advice! (Even if you don’t really need it)

No. 12
When I complain about being “fat”, it’s best to smile and tell me you love me no matter what.

No. 11
It’s just plain romantic when you brush the hair out of my eyes and place that stray strand behind our ears.

No. 10
I need to hear how much you love me; often

No. 9
You should never tell me what to do

No. 8
You’re my boyfriend, I expect you to call me. Doesn’t wearing the boyfriend hat make you psychic?

No. 7
God forbid you use the word “Fine!” when I ask you how I look.

No. 6
Most of the time when I fantasize, it’s about you. Not Brad Pitt … most of the time.

No. 5
I’m more forgiving of you than I really should be

No. 4
Don’t lie.

No. 3
I’m really a mature and fair person. I won’t play the emotionally needy card and leave you if you’re not giving me attention 24/7; but I won’t let you walk all over me.

No. 2
Don’t cheat!

No. 1
Accept me as I am!

Article provided by Love Script International, a boutique introductions services firm. Love Script International conducts Singapore and international partner searches for clients. For more information email or visit