15 cheap and good date night ideas for you and your man

PHOTOGRAPH: 123rf.com 

1.    Go back to your first date  
Remember where you went on your first date, or where you first fell in love? Retrace your steps and revisit the place where it all began. (P.S. If your first date was at a fancy restaurant, you don’t actually have to eat there. Just order a dessert to share or have a drink each, to keep to your $20 budget!) 

2.    Visit a library   
When was the last time the two of you went to the library without your squalling kids in tow? Make a date at any of our excellent libraries, borrow some romantic literature  (better yet, if they come with steamy scenes) and get into the mood, literal-ly. 

3.    Play Pokemon Go together 
It’s free, it gives you a nice workout and you can squeal in excitement together when you finally catch that illusive Snorlax. Jazz things up with a little friendly competition to provide motivation. For example, the one who catches the most Pokemons at the end of the date wins a one-minute deep kiss. If you hatch a Pikachu, you can redeem it for an hour of Sexy Time! Actually, you can’t lose with this game. #everybodywins 

4.    Give each other a massage  
Not just a cursory five-minute shoulder rub. We’re talking a whole hour of one-to-one attention to knead out every kink and ache in your body. All you need is your favourite massage oil or body lotion. 

5.    Pack an atas picnic  
No money for a Michelin star experience? No problem. Stretch your dollar by buying top-notch food from Garcons at Essen At The Pinnacle, an atas food court. Garcons serves mod-European cuisine like French Duck Confit and Pan-fried Foie Gras, all under $20. Then stroll over to nearby Duxton Plains and enjoy a breezy picnic and soak in the charms of old Chinatown. 

6.    Make origami together  
Or a scrapbook. The key word is ‘together’. Working on a mini project together, even if it’s just for a couple of hours, is great for bonding, plus you have a nice end-product to be proud of when you’re done.  

7.    Bake a cake together 
Or make any dessert you fancy. Get your hands dirty so the outcome will be so much sweeter. Now eat it in bed as you feed each other – or off each other. Try not to obsess about the crumbs on the bedsheet. You can always wash them. 

8.    Be a tourist in Singapore  
Abandon the family car. Grab an MRT map, close your eyes and anyhowly pick a station in a part of Singapore that you’re unfamiliar with. Now take the train – don’t forget to hold hands – and pretend to be broke youngsters during your early courting days. Explore a random, unfamiliar town and enjoy being tourists in your own land. 


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9.    Go fishing  
Or prawning. An hour or two of chilling out with a fishing rod can be a great time to catch up, while (hopefully) catching your dinner. Ignore your handphone please. Give your partner your full attention.

10.    Visit the Zoo  
Again, leave the kids at home. Check out all your favourite animals, share how you used to visit the Zoo on your school excursions… And for once, take photos WITH each other, instead of OF each other (usually with the kids). (Psst! This idea works even better if you already have a Friends of Singapore Zoo membership, which allows you a year’s worth of free entry. Make the most of it.)

11.    Go on a Shameless Selfie Adventure 
The rule of the day: To take as many selfies together (or wefies, if you want to be technical about it) throughout the day, with different backgrounds. Just go out there and explore, and document your little love tour! It’s free, it’s fun and you’ll have an album to look back on and smile about, the next time you check out your camera roll. 

12.    Go Speed-dating  
With each other, we mean. Pretend you’re a new couple getting to know each other. Ask each other the same questions you’d ask someone at a speed-dating event. Answer as if you’re trying to impress a hot date. You’ll be surprised by the new nuggets you’ll learn about each other! 

13.    Try something you’ll never usually do 
If your hubby is a durian lover but you’ve never touched the thorny fruit, get out of your comfort zone and try it for his sake. If he usually refuses to go jogging with you, ask him nicely to join you just this once. The idea is to show your partner that you’re willing, and happy, to make a little concession today just because you want to please him.

14.    Write each other a love letter 
When was the last time you wrote one? Clear your schedule, head for a comfy and quiet cafe and order a drink each. Then, sit there in front of each other, and pen your love letter. ‘Forcing’ yourself to focus on this love task will help you remember all the sweetest moments that you have shared. Then take turns to read your love letters, and watch the sparkle in your partner’s eyes.    

15.    Declare a ‘Surprise Day’. 
Plan a surprise activity each. You can take the ‘day shift’ while he takes the ‘night shift’. Inform each other about the dress code (for example, bikini, smart casual etc) so you don’t give your partner a nasty surprise if he turns up underdressed. Your only rule – keep to the $20 budget. (You can cheat because you’ve got this list to steal ideas from, haha). Let the romance bloom!