10 sex games to try tonight

PHOTOGRAPH: Theeradech Sanin, 123rf.com

Roll the dice
On a sheet of paper, list out six sex positions that you and Hubby love or have always wanted to try. On another sheet, make a list of six locations around the house you’ve always wanted to have sex in. Then, get two dice and roll them, one at a time. The number on the first dice indicates the item number on the first list (the sex position), while the number on the second dice indicates the item number on the second list (the location). Now you can have fun acting out the different sex positions all over the house.

In the zone
Together with your man, come up with parts of the body or erogenous zones you’d both love to focus more attention on or that are often neglected, for example, the back of his neck, your breasts, your inner thighs, and his lips. Now take turns stimulating these areas. One partner can choose the zone and the other can choose how to stimulate it. Think of this game as a funny-but-sexy version of foreplay. By the time you’re done messing around, you’ll both be more than ready for the main event! 

Get on board
XXXopoly is a board game created just for couples. It’s like the board game you grew up with, but with an erotic and sophisticated twist. The Sexual Spaces feature naughty tasks, from French kissing to full-on intercourse. Purchase the Sexual Space and it is yours; every time your man lands on that space, he has to perform that task with you. If he wants to get out of the task, he has to pay you money. The more Sexual Spaces you buy, the better! To capitalise on your investment, purchase a Time Chip from the Sperm Bank. Then there are the Erotic Chest and Hot & Heavy cards that give you a sexually charged mini-game. XXXopoly by 3DP Fusion, US$35, from www.amazon.com.     


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Do you dare?
If you and Hubby love to play Truth or Dare, you will have a ton of fun playing Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick. This game includes 50 black and red sticks in a box. You’ll find a sexy truth printed on one side of each stick, with a dirty dare on the other. To get the game going, simply take turns pulling sticks out of the box – tell the truth or perform the sexy dare, it’s up to you. Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick, around $15, from www.fishpond.com.

Fantasy lucky dip
Write out your sexual fantasies on little pieces of paper, and get Hubby to do the same. The descriptions need not be lengthy; all that matters is that they give the gist of what’s involved, plus brief instructions, if any. For instance, you could write, “Role-playing – I’m the boss and you’re my assistant”. Then, fold each piece and put them all in a big bowl. On nights when you’re both feeling adventurous, pick a fantasy from the bowl and act it out together.  

Spell it out
This is a fun game you can play anywhere – while preparing dinner or even in the shower. Instead of verbalising what you want to do to each other that night, spell it out on each other’s backs using your fingers. There’ll be plenty of laughs as you each try to guess what words the other is “spelling out”. 

Hide and go seek 
This is a great idea if you don’t have kids or parents in the house. Hide your favourite sex toys in different rooms and challenge each other to look for these items. Whoever finds an item gets to use it on the other. Besides sex toys, you can hide other items like lingerie or role-playing outfits. As your man gets closer to the item you’ve hidden, remember to say “Hot”, and if he’s nowhere close to it, remember to say “Cold”.

Just 30 seconds
Use the timer on your mobile phone for this one. Set the timer for 30 seconds, during which you have to try and turn on your partner. When the timer goes off, stop what you’re doing. Take turns pleasing each other this way until you can’t control yourselves any longer and are itching to make love. 


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Sexy Simon Says
Take turns being “Simon”. You can dole out any command that you wish, as long as it’s sexy or sex-related – so, for example, “Simon says, nibble on my lower lip”, “Simon says, take your underwear off”, “Simon says, kiss my breasts”. The point of this game is to act only when you hear “Simon says”. If your partner doesn’t start off his instruction with “Simon says”, you’re not supposed to do anything. If you do, then you “lose” (for extra sexy fun, get your man to decide on your “punishment”). 

Connect the dots
These dot puzzles are for adults only. Simply connect the dots in the book with Hubby. Each puzzle reveals a position and a location to try it in, for example, the bedroom or the kitchen. You and Hubby will have plenty of fun guessing what each puzzle will reveal as you move your pencil from dot to dot. Really Really Naughty Dots: Explicit Fun for Adults Only, US$28, from www.amazon.com.