5 self-care podcasts to brighten up your day

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Podcasts are a great way to pass time and, thankfully, don’t just consist of people rambling about a topic close to their hearts. Some podcasts are helpful and inspiring and sound like conversations you’d have with your BFFs. Whether you enjoy starting the work day on a good note, need some lunchtime motivation or just want something to listen to on your commute home, these five podcasts are perfect for a little dose of self-care.


1. The Fringe Of It

5 self-care podcasts to brighten up your day

Photo: The Fringe of It

This is a weekly podcast by two blogger friends, Liv Purvis & Charlotte Jacklin, and after just one listen to them, we guarantee you’re going to wish you knew them in real life. They tackle everything relevant to millennial life with a unique, funny and helpful take on topics such as body image, women’s health and friendships. It’s a lot like talking things through with a good friend – one that makes you laugh in a very therapeutic way.

Available on iTunes, acast and podtail.


2. Selfie 

5 self-care podcasts to brighten up your day

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This is ‘a podcast about self-care and other sh*t’ – you can pretty much imagine what you’ll get from this description alone.

Sarah James is a lifestyle blogger and Kristen Howerton is a psychotherapist; together, they take on the varied aspects of self-care on a weekly basis.

The conversations they have are open and refreshing, and the end goal here is to find better ways to look after our mind, body and spirit. Previous topics they’ve torn into include having a low sex drive, social media boundaries, and busting beauty myths. It’s both serious and humorous – just the way life should be.

Available on iTunes, podtail, Spotify and PodBean.


3. The Struggle Bus  

5 self-care podcasts to brighten up your day

Photo: The Struggle Bus

This bi-weekly podcast offers advice to listeners, who submit questions that the host then discusses in detail and offer solutions to listeners’ dilemmas.

Best friends Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin are the names behind the voices and their focus is simple – how to get through each day.

They shine a spotlight on mental health and self care, and no topic is off-limits and no problem is too weird. So far, they’d dissected topics such as toxic friendships and what to do if a loved one is dating someone you don’t like. The ‘struggle’ might be real sometimes but listening to these two will make you feel a whole lot better.

Available on iTunes and https://strugglebuspodcast.com


4. The Minimalists 

5 self-care podcasts to brighten up your day

Photo: The Minimalists

We’ve all been told about how much joy we’d get if we minimise our possessions (thank you, Marie Kondo) but what about applying the same principle to our lives as a whole?

Podcast hosts Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus discuss how we can live a meaningful life with less. This covers anything and everything in life that has the potential to stress you out, including technology and toxic relationships. It’s good advice on how we can live a life with less, resulting in a positive impact on our mental health.

Available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and www.theminimalists.com/podcast/


5. The Practical Positivity Podcast

5 self-care podcasts to brighten up your day

Photo: Practical Positivity Podcast

Blogger Sophie Cliff hosts this podcast on a weekly basis, as she delves into the real issues behind the problems that we face. She provides advice on how to feel more empowered – through practical positivity, of course – and how to make ourselves stronger through the various experiences we have in our lives. She gives tips on how to feel more confident, more secure and also how to get the best attitude for a more joyful life.

Available on iTunes, Spotify and PlayerFM.