Bottled water is generally thought of by many to be more hygienic and convenient than plain old tap water. While that may be true, the problem with that notion is that disposable water bottles create tons of trash that hurt the environment and pose health risks.

Save the earth with a bobble

Enter the bobble bottle – a reusable plastic water bottle made with recyclable BPA-, phthalates- and PVC-free plastic and a built-in carbon filter to provide an eco-friendly means of filtered water.

Created by renowned industrial designer, Karim Rashid, the bobble consists of a replaceable and interchangeable filter that can process the equivalent of 300 servings of water, yielding cleaner, “crisper” tasting water while reducing your carbon footprint.

The bobble bottle is available in six colours at leading departmental stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets at $18.80. For more information, visit