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Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0
In an ideal situation, we would have the luxury of time, to take things slow while on vacation.
But things happen. You need to look for an address fast, without missing your train. Yet you’re on the phone, while your notebook is buried in the deep recesses of your bag. Where is the information that you require, when you’re short on time?
Here’s a tech-savvy solution: multitask better with the new Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0, a tablet device that can become your favourite travel gadget.
Choose between the two Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 models with Wi-Fi connectivity or with LTE, according to your needs – the phone capability of the latter will help you make the essential calls that you need.
Whether you’re browsing mail quickly on-the-go or creating gorgeous collages of your vacation, this device can do it all; and at the same time too.
So make the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 perfect for your travels with these four tips here.
Multitask on-the-go with Multi Window
Write down a number or look for directions while you’re checking your emails at the same time; you won’t have to switch between apps at all with the Multi Window function. The tablet’s 2GB ram will help make multitasking a cinch, whether you’re in the midst of shopping up a storm or running to catch the subway.
Make creative collages with Easy Clip
Spot travel photos that you love, while browsing online? Circle out the Eiffel Tower, Hagia Sophia and more must-see monuments with your S Pen; the handy Easy Clip tool allows you to cut-and-paste these photos out in fun new shapes for your collage. Be it on an email or a web browser, you’ll be able to copy and crop images easily, in any shape you desire.
Keep a digital diary with S Note
Cherry blossom-viewing and romantic cruises are experiences that you’ll love to relive. So let the S Note bring out your artsy side. Write and sketch about the sights you’ve seen on the S Note app and clip photos to it, like you would on your travel diary. With over 10 templates available, there are so many ways for you to keep memories of your trip.
Browse travel photos quickly with Air View
We love sharing our travel snaps online. But if you’ve taken one photo too many, it can take you more time to find the perfect shot for Instagram. With Air View, image browsing gets easier and swifter. Simply hover your S Pen over the folders in your gallery for a quick preview of these holiday pictures. It’s especially handy for video-viewing; you won’t have to view the entire clip to find your favourite holiday moment. Simply hover over the video to see the scenes coming up and jump straight to that instance.
The Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 is available in White with 16GB memory from 25 May, at $588 for WiFi version and $788 for LTE version in Singapore. Get it at all mobile operators and authorised retailers.
Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0