We’ve all felt those Sunday night blues, and the incumbent Monday blues that follow them. But hey, you’re a powerful woman, so why not start the week, and every day, the right way? Here we take you through step by step what you should be doing at least once a week to help yourself slumber sweetly, and have a more productive working life as a result.

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Fit in a weekend workout, you will feel so much better for it. Try a barre class (we’re fans of WeBarre and Wing To Wings classes), a spinning sesh or just some home yoga stretches or a run around your local park. Exercise gets your endorphins going, will help you sleep better and obviously enable you to work off any weekend indulgence. Give your body some TLC.


Switch on some music, be it your favourite Tidal playlist, Drake’s new album (yes, my personal favourite right now), or some old-school, feel-good tunes. Nothing too intense, you want to get your mellow on. 


Try your hand at whipping something up in the kitchen. I find it so therapeutic to shop for my own groceries (though I’m still yet to find a store with great produce, so I’m open to recommendations) and make a home-cooked meal. Take the time to slow down, this is a great Sunday night activity in particular, as during the rest of the week you may be too busy to take the time and cook.

If you can, check your calendar for the week ahead and see if you can make enough to have a few nights of leftovers, or even save money for lunch one day, every little helps! 


Get your chill on and light some scented candles, I love fig or amber wood. Pour yourself a glass of wine, or your happy drink e.g. a steaming mug of peppermint tea. It will help you to unwind and relax, as well as set the scene for your romantic dinner for one. Hey, why not invite over friends/dine with your family whilst you’re at it? If hosting a little dinner party doesn’t stress you out, the company may be just what you need.


Destress with a bath of essential oils, or if you don’t have a bath (like many Singaporeans), try out some in-shower oils and turn up the temperature for an aromatic experience. Really take the time to massage in the oils and just enjoy it. It’s good for mind, body and soul to stop and pause! Whilst you’re at it, put on a sheet mask or a detoxifying clay mask; a great way to prep your skin for the week ahead, and force you to take some time to do nothing, see our favourite masks right now here. A new personal fave is Kiehl’s Amazonian clay mask, seriously good!


Switch on night mode. If you’ve got Apple devices that you take to bed with you, you should at least switch on this mode to stop them affecting your sleep! Swipe up on your device and touch the symbol that looks like a rising/setting sun, you can automate it to come on when the sun sets and off when it rises, this way the blue light your electronic devices emit (which negatively affects your Circadian rhythm) will have less of an effect on your sleep cycle. 


Read a book to help you fall asleep, a real, old-fashioned book, not your Kindle. Turning pages will help you to fall asleep a lot quicker than watching YouTube videos on your phone will, we promise. If you have any worries on your mind or things on your To Do list that are stressing you out, write them out on a piece of paper and then rest your head, it can wait till tomorrow.

Now go to sleep, you’ve earned at least 8 hours! Meanwhile, see here for our favourite sleepwear and eye masks to help you get those Zzzz’s in style.