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Whether you’re planning a romantic candlelit dinner or a night of ravenous after-dark activities, don’t forget the little things like creating a conducive setting.

From dim lighting to a warm, enveloping scent, setting the stage for romance can be as simple as one (or a few) strategically placed candles. Here, we round up eight of the most sensual scents for you to get your loving on this Valentine’s Day:


Diptyque Tubereuse Candle, $115 for 300g

Thanks to its intoxicating scent, tuberose is often used to decorate newlywed’s homes so as to feed their inner desires. Referencing this traditional practice, the prized flower is at the centre of this candle’s unique concoction as it aims to exalt the richness and sensuality of tuberose. Plus, a flickering light in this gorgeous red holder sure adds a certain ambience to the entire room.


Maison Christian Dior Eau Noire Candle, $115 for 250g

Handcrafted with traditional wax-making techniques, the candles under the Maison Christian Dior range are precious, luxurious and exquisite. Not only do they elevate your home, the scents also set the tone for various occasions, be it entertaining dinner guests or a night of romance.

And with notes like lavender and vanilla (which are widely regarded as the best scents to increase sexual appetite), the Eau Noire candle is also accompanied with cedar essences puts a sophisticated spin on a night of romance.


Overose Anamorphine Candle, about $80 for 220g, at Cult Beauty

The perfect shade of pink aside, this scent is the perfect balance of feminine and masculine sensuality, thanks to the complex blend of raspberries, vanilla and smoky tobacco. Just imagine how good it will look on your vanity?


Aromatherapy Associates Indulgence Candle, $93 for 200g

Known for its extensive range of aromatherapy blends that help alleviate stress and balance emotions, Aromatherapy Associates’ Indulgence candle is made with premium grade sweet jasmine and geranium essential oils that not only recalibrates your mind but also lifts your spirit and reduces inhibitions  to get you ready for a night of passionate romance.


Quintessence Paris Ambre Candle, about $88, at Beautylish

Perhaps you and your man love exotic scents. Or perhaps you spent summer holidays frolicking in the warm waters of a faraway land. To recreate those moments, light this candle up. Made of Peru balsam, cinnamon, Bulgarian rose, oud and resin, it evokes memories of a warm and sexy vacation, right in the comfort of your bedroom.


Bella Freud Psychoanalysis Candle (Neroli & Lilac Flowers), about $79 for 190g, at Cult Beauty

Say whatever you want about Freud and sex (Bella is the great granddaughter of Sigmund Freud) but it couldn’t overshadow how beautifully nuanced this candle is. Made of neroli, iris, amber and cedar, it’s neither too feminine nor masculine — just perfectly sensual and sophisticated.


This Works Black Spice & Cedar Candle, $60 for 220g

If you’re looking for a scent that feels like a lover’s warm embrace, this is it. Clove, cedar wood and orange not only helps to reduce stress and anxiety, it also feels comforting yet exciting.


Byredo Burning Rose Candle, $100 for 240g

Tender and airy, yet deep and intense at the same time, Byredo’s Burning Rose is not unlike the temperament of a woman. Soft and vulnerable at times and incredibly strong at others, it represents a dizzying and enigmatic love story that is completely irresistible.

Candles are a wonderful way to create ambience in the home. If you are looking at other ways of sprucing up your home, try playing around with different colours. Take your cue from this gallery below: