Ridley Scott to produce Japan In a DayBased on its film Life In a Day, Ridley Scott’s company Scott Free Productions will partner with Fuji Television to create another user-generated film to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.

The film, Japan In a Day, will be a self-portrait of the country shot by the Japanese public. In addition, Fuji TV will donate 200 cameras to people in areas most affected.

On March 11 at midnight, on the one-year anniversary of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, participants can begin filming their day and then upload the footage at www.youtube.com/JapanInADay.

Footage submitted will be selected by Fuji TV for inclusion in the feature film alongside coverage by Fuji TV. The documentary will be screened in cinemas worldwide and all profits from the film will be given to victims of the tragedy.

In contrast, Life In a Day was assembled from 80,000 video clips from 192 countries and submitted on YouTube’s website to depict a single day, July 24, 2010, all around the world. The film was edited by director Kevin MacDonald (The Last King of Scotland) and shown for free on YouTube. — AFP RELAXNEWS