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Video: Cinema 2011, X Men: First ClassWith the end of 2011, top ten lists, critics’ picks and award nominee predictions for the year’s best films roll out.

Also, film fans edit together six-minute compilations recalling wild, explosive, comedic and dramatic moments from more than 200 films from the past year.

These montages pull together beautiful imagery, chase scenes, on-screen kisses and lines of dialogue from blockbusters such as Transformers as well as independent films like Melancholia and are posted on YouTube.

The following are highlights from the creators of annual end-of-year reviews, as well as newcomers who have joined them with video retrospectives of 2011’s films:

“Cinema 2011” by Kees van Dijkhuizen
The films and music are listed at:

“2011: The Cinescape” by Matt Shapiro
“This video is an attempt to use the remarkably diverse selection of films released over the course of a year’s time to construct a broad narrative encompassing the many different elements that comprise the cinematic medium we love so dearly,” explains Shapiro.

Opening with a prologue from the 1950 classic Sunset Blvd, the list of 254 excerpts:

“Filmography 2010” by Gen I
“A 230-film retrospective that celebrates this year’s movies and their amazing capacity to transport us through the boundaries of space, time, and identity.” Films included:

“2011 Portfolio” by Hat in Hand

“Motion Pictures of 2011” by Kidnin

“2011 Movie Trailer Mashup” by Sleepy Skunk — AFP RELAXNEWS