UPDATED ON 10PM, OCT 24, 2014:
In case you were curious about the precise origins of dessert chain Honey Creme, it turns out to be a Taiwanese brand after all.

The franchise considers itself a Korean-style soft serve brand but is actually based and founded in Taiwan. Does that make a difference to the quality of soft serves you’ll have? Not really; we think those with a penchant for sweets will love it all the same.

Honey Creme store at 313.jpg

The first Honey Creme Singapore outlet at 313@Somerset. Image: Honey Creme Singapore

The highly-anticipated Honey Creme Singapore store is finally here; the soft serve ice-cream chain opening its 400 square feet outlet on October 26, 2014 at 313@Somerset.

Its first outlet here may be fairly tiny — it is said to be able to seat up to 18 diners — but we think most fans will grab its soft serves as takeaways anyway. Although there may be just one soft serve ice-cream flavour, which is the original milky Honey Creme, we’re already expecting we also anticipate long queues for these treats.

Honey Creme singapore full range.jpg

The range of soft serve ice-cream flavours at Honey Creme Singapore. Image: Honey Creme Singapore

Although the range of toppings in Singapore is somewhat limited, you really don’t need to have a huge variety of options since the store has brought in the ultimate best seller: The Honeycomb Soft Serve Ice Cream ($5.90).

honey creme singapore signature.jpg

Honey Creme Honeycomb soft serve ice-cream. Image: Honey Creme Singapore

At today’s media preview, the dessert chain’s signature item is a hit with the journos present. Our beauty writer Phoenix attests to its full creamy yet not-too-sweet flavour that’s almost on par with its franchise stores in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taipei.

The store also serves a small selection of petite pastries and macarons but we’ll bet most fans will be more keen on the handmade soft serve ice-cream options.

After we’ve had a sweet early preview of what Honey Creme has to offer, we’ve listed our must-tries here:

1. Honey Creme Honeycomb ($5.90)
The chewy cube of honey comb may be a wee bit smaller than the usual chunks offered overseas. But it’s still sizeable enough that you need to break down into bits to enjoy it with the generous serving of soft serve ice-cream.

Honey Creme honeycomb.jpg

The anticipated bestseller: Honey Creme Honeycomb. Image: Honey Creme Singapore

During your first bite, you will experience the natural sweetness of honey, paired with the milky smooth soft serve ice-cream. Once in your mouth, the honey comb will start to lose its natural sweetness, and the velvety touch of the soft serve then takes over. While we had initial concerns that that the quality will vary from the other stores abroad, to our pleasant surprise the soft serve here is very similar in taste to the ‘original’, albeit a touch milkier.

2. Honey Creme Affogato ($5.50)
Should you find the signature soft serve too rich, the affogato flavour ought to be your pick.

Honey creme affogato .jpg

The Honey Creme Affogato (left) and Honey Creme Organic Cotton Candy Affogato (right). Images: Honey Creme Singapore

A heady shot of Nespresso coffee is poured onto the soft serve ice-cream and the caffeine addition nicely balances out its milky-sweet flavour. All diners can choose from five Nespresso coffee capsule flavours including a decaf option for their espresso shot.

3. Honey Creme Organic Cotton Candy Affogato ($6.20)
This particular flavour won much attention pretty much the minute we shared it on Instagram and Facebook. An espresso shot is poured onto a soft serve topped with cotton candy, which ‘melts’ into the ice-cream. Then another fluffy layer of cotton candy is added for that visual flourish.  

4. Honey Creme Popcorn ($5.50)

Honey Creme popcorn.jpg

Honey Creme Popcorn. Image: Honey Creme Singapore

We like the salty-sweet taste that the added popcorn gives to the ice-cream. This is the flavour to get for those who like an extra crunch in their desserts.

5. Honey Creme Organic Mixed Grains ($6.20)
For health nuts, this flavour may make your dessert indulgence seem a tad less guilty, mentally; just keep telling yourself that if that makes you feel better. The brand’s soft serve ice-cream is served with a powdery fine medley of mixed grains that includes soy beans, brown rice, flax seeds, black glutinous rice and pearl barley. The texture is quite similar to your favourite sesame ice-cream, thanks to its grainy, slightly nutty taste.

Prices start from $2 each for the Honey Creme mini doubled flavour macarons to $6.20 each for the Honey Creme Organic Cotton Candy Affogato.

The Honey Creme store in Singapore will open from October 26, 2014 at 313@Somerset, Level 1 (next to the taxi stand), opening hours: 11am to 10pm. Visit the Honey Creme Singapore Facebook page for more information.