Want homemade crisps? Just use this nifty gadget in your microwave oven!

Review: Mastrad Topchips Chips-makerWHAT IT IS
The Mastrad Topchips Chips-maker Set comes with a mandolin and two silicone trays with holes. Slice the fruit and vegetables in the mandolin, place them in a single layer on the tray and pop it into the microwave oven for three to eight minutes.  


  • It was wonderful with hard veggies
    Potato slices came out crisp – like store-bought ones, minus the grease. Others, like sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkin, came out slightly harder, crunchier and sweeter.
  • But the cooking was uneven
    I tested the chips-maker in two microwave ovens, with similar results. The pieces in the middle of the tray were completely crisp, while those at the edges were a little soft.
  • Don’t bother using this with fruit like apples, pears and guavas
    They turned out soft, although very sweet. And my sliced strawberries (not a recommended fruit, but I tried it anyway) just turned to mush on the tray.

The set comes with two trays, but it’s best to microwave one at a time, as the ingredients don’t crisp well when the trays are stacked.

It took a bit of trial and error to get the crispness I wanted. My best batch of potato chips was microwaved at medium heat, for eight minutes; the timing varies for different veggies. Some batches of chips were burnt when I upped the power, and some were raw when microwaved for a shorter time. The instruction booklet comes with recommended timings for different foods, but the duration depends on your microwave oven.

Once you get the timing right, it’s a fast and fuss-free way to make fresh and healthy munchies (but expect some to be unevenly cooked).

The Mastrad Topchips Chips-maker Set costs $69.90 & $99 (with recipe book), from Metro Woodlands, OG Orchard, Robinsons Centrepoint, Takashimaya D.S. and Tangs in Singapore.

All shops are in Singapore. This article was originally published in Simply Her February 2013.

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