WHAT: The Canon Digital IXUS 240 HS operates as a mix between a camera, a video camera and a smartphone (sort of) as it allows the user to take photos and videos and upload them to your various social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter via Wi-Fi.

Review Canon Digital IXUS 240 HS camera DECOR

It has a 3.2 inch TouchScreen LCD so you can view and frame your shots in high resolution and swipe tools to improve your photos, as well as 58 Smart Auto scenes and Face ID so faces are automatically selected – you can also save up to 12 people for recognition. The 16.1 megapixels means you get great definition for images that are of high enough quality to be used in print.

Modes for the various photograph “auto” functions include cool stuff like Portrait, Smooth Skin, High-speed Burst and Handheld Night Scene, plus you get “filter” effects like Miniature effect, Toy Camera Effect, Soft Focus, Monochrome, Super Vivid and Poster Effect. You can also create cool iFrame movies. 

For the videos there’s an actual “Movie” button or you can use the Smart Auto feature, plus there’s a “Wink self-timer” and a “Face self-timer”.

The Canon Digital IXUS 240 HS camera costs $349 and is available in Singapore from good camera and electronics stores as well as from Canon dealers. Go to www.canon.com.sg/buying/ixus for a list of Canon dealers in Singapore. For more information about the Canon Digital IXUS 240 HS camera, go to www.canon.com.sg/compact-cameras/digital-ixus-240hs.

REVIEW: I like to pride myself on my ability to take a good photo, I did study photography at art school after all, even if it was a long time ago and we actually learnt how to develop photos on actual paper.

The digital camera revolution has made taking good quality photos so much easier however, and a product like the Canon Digital IXUS 240 HS camera is basically foolproof. Even the least technical, least artistic individual will get a great snap out of this camera. The auto functions are amazing, and for all of us now addicted to our smartphones that come with super cameras and fancy apps with all those fun filters, using something like the Canon Digital IXUS 240 HS camera comes perfectly naturally.

While we all love our smartphones, especially anyone who either works in visual industries or those addicted to social media, the quality of camera images has continued to be a bugbear – they’re just not good enough.

Which is why the addition of Wi-Fi to quality digital cameras was such a smart move; however I have a bit of a bone to pick with this too. I’m so used to being able to automatically send my social media posts, pics and videos automatically with my smartphone, ie. using my 3G or 4G mobile connection, that having to track down a Wi-Fi account I can use via the camera can be a bit of a drama.

On a recent trip to Japan I adored using the Canon Digital IXUS 240 HS camera to catch those “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” moments when spotting crazy Harajuku street style or fashion items you really want to track down. My only issue was that I then had to track down a Wi-Fi connection to post those same images to my social media pages; Japan is not particularly Wi-Fi friendly unfortunately.

So, despite the fact I love the images the Canon Digital IXUS 240 HS camera produced, I ended up having to either sync my smartphone to the camera and copy over the images to send via my dataplan, or I gave up and went back to using the smartphone.

Still, I would absolutely recommend the Canon Digital IXUS 240 HS camera to anyone who is even vaguely fashionable – it’s the perfect size for a tiny Miniaudiere evening bag, it comes in awesome colours that are sure to match your outfit and the quality of its images is amazing.

Based in Singapore, or in any country with good Wi-Fi, you’ll be set if you’re snapping the latest fashion shows or celebs; your images won’t be those blurry things you so often see on social media posts with “apologies, I snapped this on my smartphone” comments attached.