Big Bang came, sang and conquered at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on September 28, 2012, the first night of the group’s two-night tour of Singapore.

The popular K-Pop band, made up of G-Dragon (GD), TOP, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri, performed to a sell out crowd (selling out within minutes of the ticket release) on day one of their two-night tour here in Singapore.

We were so stoked to be in the audience for the band’s first-ever full concert here in Singapore and amidst all the screaming, dancing and jumping, the performance was definitely a treat for our senses.

Military precision
From the moment the band made their appearance on stage at 7.15pm, being raised in their individual “capsules” a la their “Alive” music video, the crowd went crazy and the stadium was turned into a sea of yellow lights that were being emitted by the official Big Bang crown torch.

Fireworks went off in the explosive opening when they marched out in their military-esque outfits and performed their opening song “Alive” before following up with popular favourites “Tonight”, “Hands Up” “Fantastic Baby” and “Stupid Liar” .By the second song, the boys were all dripping with perspiration with all that fervent dance moves and jumping around.

And if you thought they were going to let up, they never did, keeping up the energy levels throughout the 2 and a half hour concert, covering every bit and fully utilising every part of the T-shaped stage.

Of effects and vehicles
Staying true to the vein of high-value K-Pop concerts, they pulled out all the stops – throwing in fireworks whenever they can, flames on stage, bubbles raining down on fans, confetti galore and even making use of elevated platforms and conveyor belts, enhancing their dance moves and the dramatics of the songs which made the fans scream even more (if that was even possible).

At one point, GD and Seungri came on stage in segways while Taeyang rode on a chopper-like bicycle making laps on stage to the glee of the fans in the mosh pits.

The GD effect
If you never understood the effect that GD, leader and creative force behind the band, had on his fans, you will have to watch the man in action.

He was the all-round entertainer – belting out his songs with so much emotion, sending smouldering looks into the cameras, making his every move count. There was just a magnetic spark about him that drew people in, and it didn’t matter whether he was singing or not, you just could not take your eyes off him.

At one point, the fashion-forward clotheshorse even appeared in a kilt-like bottom, which surprisingly, looks good on him.

The boys also coaxed him into singing bit parts of his new solo songs “Crayon” and “One of a kind” which he nailed with perfection.

Although, in hindsight, we were also sorely disappointed that the GD & TOP “solo” section was so brief and we wished they performed more together.

TOP and his injured hand
The injured member had his hand in a cast but that didn’t stop him from performing to the fullest of his ability. His sexy low baritone rapping sent girls into a tizzy and the loudest screams were definitely reserved for this tall statuesque singer.

He did look highly uncomfortable at times, being only able to wear his blazers one side, with the other side dangling and hindering his dance moves, but he knew exactly how to work the crowd, taking off his signature shades and winking, while showing off his dimpled smile. We love his preppy style and how well his red leather pants fit on him.

Taeyang’s smoking hot bod
It’s no secret that the energiser-bunny of the group (he was all over the stage, for every song!) has one of the hottest bodies in K-Pop and he was not afraid to show it. By the second song, he had ripped his white tank top into two, throwing it into the crowd, igniting more screams than ever.

His enthusiasm was felt in every corner of the room and as the best dancer of the group, he poured his heart and soul into his dynamic dance moves and judging by the screams every single time he gyrated, he definitely had more than a huge following in the room.

His solo performance of “Wedding Dress” and “Look Only At Me” only cemented his singing ability and showcased his dancing prowess with the help of a microphone stand, pulling off some nifty footwork.

Towards the end of the night, he ran everywhere into the crowd, half attempting to body-surf into the crowd clad only in his leather pants, and the fans had their hands all over him, clamouring to get a feel of his rock-hard abs! Talk about fan service.

Daesung and Seungri: Surprise surprise
While Daesung’s singing prowess did not come as a surprise to many of us, we appreciated his striking clear vocals on many of the songs, hitting the high notes with ease.

On his solo, “Wings”, he even donned a harness, rose from the top of the stage through an elevated platform and ended the song wearing a huge pair of wings (not unlike Victoria’s Secrets models) which was a pretty cool touch. We’d only wish that he would have joined Taeyang in the tee-ripping action to show off his perfect abs as well.

Seungri, on the other hand, had a more muted night overall, in the wake of his sex scandal. He performed one solo and showed off some fancy footwork. But his one surprise, was probably the fact that he has a pretty good command of the English language, managing to rouse the crowd along with Taeyang, talking about the chilli and black pepper crabs that they ate.

The boys put on an electrifying show that had temperatures soaring in the Indoor Stadium. We wished we had understood them more when they were addressing the crowd in Korean (there were no translations or subtitles unlike other K-Pop concerts), wished they had more solo bits, but eventually their high energy performance more than made up for it.

We knew we were sold the moment they appeared in their all-white ensemble to sing “Haru Haru”, “Lies” and “Last Farewell”. The encore section with their most popular hits was the icing on the cake.

With that said, consider us Big Bang-ed.

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Big Bang Alive Galaxy World Tour 2012 Singapore Set List:
Alive (Intro)
Hands Up
Fantastic Baby
How Gee
Stupid Liar
Knock Out
High High
Strong Baby
What Can I Do
Gara Gara Go
Number 1
Crayon (Short part)
One of a Kind (Short part)
Bad Boy
Love Song
Look Only At Me
Wedding Dress
Haru Haru
Last Farewell

Bad Boy
Fantastic Baby