My chiropractor has been telling me to find ‒ and use ‒ a proper deep tissue or remedial massage for months, but I just kept putting it off. 

Deep tissue, remedial massage hurts; and honestly, I just don’t like that much pain, even though I know it would do me good.

So when the lovely people at Qi Mantra spa told me about its new version of a remedial massage ‒ one with the addition of Radio Frequency (RF) technology designed to help warm up the muscles and break down the cellular knots in those same muscles, I really couldn’t say no.

Most women would know about RF being used in aesthetic treatments to help tighten and lift sagging skin, but did you realise that it’s also used by professional athletes to relieve muscle and joint pain?

The heat created by the high-grade RF machines relaxes the muscles and allows the massage to penetrate deeper to get at the real source of your stiffness and pain.

The RF helps to relax the muscles and connective tissues, soften tension knots and improve your blood circulation. It can even help to detoxify your body according to Qi Mantra.

On top of all that, using RF can also help tighten your skin. 

But to my mind, the best thing about using RF technology in conjunction with remedial massage is that it really does help reduce the pain of such deep tissue manipulation; at least it did for me.

Qi Mantra is known for its acupressure point massages that help solve some of your tension-induced muscle and join pain; the RF treatment really does prepare the muscles and helps the therapist access your problem areas.

You need about 30 minutes for the treatment to work, but your best option is to go for the RF Blast full body massage which takes 90 minutes but is so worth it; you can also add 30 minutes of RF to any of your usual massage treatments. 

At the end of my first RF massage my body felt as soft and flexible as rubber, and it loved me again ‒ so does my chiropractor.

The RF Blast full body massage takes 90 minutes and costs $198. A 30 minute RF Body treatment added to your regular Qi Mantra massage costs $90. The RF treatments are available at Qi Mantra Remedial Spa Holland Village (pictured above), 18A Lorong Mambong, Tel: 6468 1292 and Raffles City, #B2-24/25 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Tel: 6333 9530. For more information go to: